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Desperate Guys Getting Rejected

Let’s be honest, we’ve all met some desperate guys at one point in our lives. They think they are slick with their pickup lines and can pickup any girl they dedicate themselves to. Yeah, that sounds bad, but wait till you see what we have for you in today’s slideshow. This is just next-level desperation.

Talked once

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Yeah we talked once, I swear! You have to believe me!











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We’d be like peas and carrots. I won’t lie, that’s just poetic.

Seriously bye

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Seriously, BYE! No, I’m being serious, bye! I will never speak to you again!

Let’s get coffee

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You’re overdoing it, Tom.


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Nice underarms- that’s a compliment you don’t see every day.

What are you wearing

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I don’t think you can redeem yourself after that statement.

What did you mean

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What did you mean? Please, explain.

Is your dad a priest?

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Is your dad a priest? Well, is he?

Banana fats

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Looking for banana fats, message me!

Ask my dad

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Sorry bud- maybe another time.


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Nudes soulmates. Yeah, no thanks.

See you

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He really would like TOO see you.


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Not blind, just don’t want to talk to you!

What you wearing

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Yeah, we know you are thirsty bud.

You in bed

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Seriously, how do these people go on and on without getting any reply?


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How you been doing?

Were you at now

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were are you were are you were are you were you at now

Please reply

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Hey, at least he wished her a merry Christmas.

Long time no hear

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You’re being rude! Please respond!!!


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Well, at least he offered.

You fine

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That “no” was just brutal.

Feet in socks

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Don’t ask her about her feet, she will get flashbacks.


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She’s got him dead in his tracks.

Tears of blood

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He’s crying tears of blood… that’s something you don’t see every day.

Married to my friend

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This is just unbelievable.

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