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That Happened: Part 4

Having a crazy James Bond lifestyle is not necessary to be a bundle of epic stories. All it really takes is some imagination and storytelling talent. That’s something that these peeps have in abundance. Unfortunately they’re also prone to going over the top, thus alarming the Cringe Police in the process. Using our joint efforts throughout this slideshow, I’m sure that no falsehoods will go unnoticed.

Red Team

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Who in God’s name sings that?

Moment Of Enlightenment

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Then his pineal gland started clapping.

Woman Troll

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Women make the best trolls.

Citing Memes

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It sounds like it’s a dream come true scenario for this block.

Dominos vs. Pizza Hut

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Surrounded by pizzas and listening to Smashmouth. Seems like heaven.

The Dripper

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Either that kid is a Butters or this is fake.

Ain’t No Hollaback Girl

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“Why am I single? Men are jerks!”


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His whole life is one giant quote.

Insensitive Teach

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It’s always the pre-calc teacher for some reason.

Roco DiMeo’s Jacket

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“What are you talkin about? It’s the jaackeet.”

PUA 101


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It’s hard not to fall for this trick.

Man 2 Man Conversation

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You see – slow, steady AND nice wins the race.


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She snapped the mainsplaining in the bud.

10 vs. 1

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Yeah, that whole story smells like a crock of dung.


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That kid is going places.

Stainless Steel Blood

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“Yes, he’s really.. special.”

VR Frenzy

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That’s why you should only use VR indoors.

Then everyone…

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Please clap.

Genderqueer To The Rescue

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The response is even cringier IMO.

Typical Teen

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Nothing beats taking a dung in the cat’s litterbox.

Burglary Story

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He sleeps with his lights on ever since.

Let The Crying Ensue

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Then the analog sticks swirled.

The Inspector

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Ruminations of an office clerk take a turn for the worst.

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