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Hoarding Through Life

Disposophobia is a fear of getting rid of stuff. However, some people take it to the next level and decide to keep everything, including the trash. When it becomes so crazy that they refuse to even clean around, that’s where hoarding begins. The conditions that some people end up living in are just disgusting.

Floor Missing

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How do you walk around there?

Coca Cola is Life

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Soon they will replace the chair.

Trash Bags

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Lazy to carry out the trash bags.

Nice Fridge

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Eating healthy.

Car Hoarding

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Hoarding is evolving.


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At least the bed isn’t under the garbage.


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Still gotta iron those shirts.

The Pet

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Even that dog would keep things cleaner than this.

Pool Table

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Found a new purpose for the pool table.

Next Level Hoarding

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When your house starts cracking from all the trash.


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Can’t see the furniture anymore.


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Wonder if they eat some of that food.

The Ultimate Gamer

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Ashtrays are overrated.

Kitchen Goals

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Too many cleaning supplies on the window to live in these conditions.

Wall Decorations

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“Just throw it out the window.”

Sink Hygiene

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Smoking is bad by itself, but smoking on a bathroom sink. Surprised this person even cleans their teeth.

Poor Kiddos

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The parents should go to prison for letting kids live like that.

Love for Literature

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The intellectual hoarder.

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