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I’m Very Smart, You’re Not Part 1

People sometimes need to feel smart, they need to feel they’re not as average as we all are, maybe they’ve been having a hard life being bullied, maybe they just can’t help being a douchebag, either or, the cringe is real every time they try and show the world how “smart” they are. We have a bunch of memes that will make you feel maybe you’re the smart one.

The one who always knows the right answer

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They need to let the world know.

I can almost bet he has no idea what he’s talking about.

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But He really needs to post it.

We’re on the same boat

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The average IQ boat.

Smart teen.

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They’re always smarter than adults.

They will live.

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Until they die.

I went to school.

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I’m so better than you are.

You’re so educated.


You should go out a bit more tho.

Wonder why?

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We don’t, this is you are single.

And so you need to post it.

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You’re not.

200 IQ answer

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Your lack of brain cells doesn’t depend on the location.

Remember the last time you had the chance to vote for a good President and you didn’t?

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I do, I do.

Another girl who went to school.

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They really need to let everyone know how better they are, right?.

No one gets me

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The world is coming to an end.

This guy might be a dbag

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But I really hope he’s right.

There’s always a guy that makes it all about music.

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Remember we were talking about burgers mate?.

We’re not the same.

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This guy is making the next Herbalife.

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Watch him run his own business.

My IQ is over 9,000

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And I’m only 17.

Y’all make me fall asleep.


Just being honest.


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I’m the smarter one.

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