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Gender Ideology Cringe

Gender ideology, as I think we can all agree upon, is going a bit too far. Deluded by their wishes and dreams and their pursuit of individual satisfaction, they are completely ignoring any biological fact that stands in their way. Their behavior, most of the time, is simply making the world cringe.

Reality Struggles

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Her loss.


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Inborn wisdom.

Q**** Anime

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No need to see, thanks.

The World We Live In

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Leaving this planet.

Guy Wearing Makeup

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When the real world breaks your fantasies.

Literary Arts

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What else to expect from artistic women community… Two Spirit…

Cis People are Disgusting

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Hating normal people for their normal lives from a sheer jealousy, while they claim to be the normal ones.

Ladies and Gentlemen

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Ladies and gentlemen is now hostile I guess.

Captain America Transgender

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Claiming that steroids make you trans.

Biology is Wrong

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I believe they do.

Fem@le Health

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Women and people with cycles…like who?

Right to Marry

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Too bad they did.


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