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Unpleasant Family Photos

We all have some hidden secrets, things which we don’t want the world to ever know. One such secret is our awkward family photo collection. But unfortunately these unlucky families couldn’t hide them and now its all over the internet.

Doggo Doggo

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We all love pugs, but this is creepy.

The Banana Party

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Cool Dad

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This is why I don’t like the idea of being the only male in house.

Forced to Click

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When you are forced to love your relatives.

Puppet Master

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This is so scary, A family run by a puppet. Even the pets are so frightened.

Bodybuilder Family

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He really wanted to show how hot his body is and how boring the rest of his family is.


Family of Apes

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At least ensure you dress better than your monkeys.

The Stuffed Family

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Teddies are not just toys, they are important family members.

Shirtless Sniper

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Who really wants a shirtless dude holding a sniper gun to curate their wedding?


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This really looks like a poster of an alien invasion movie.

Zero tolerance

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The ugly one wears the mask.

Cat in Space

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What she wants us to see?

Beauty and the Beast

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Branching out

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This looks vulgar no matter how hard I try to ignore.


Easter Egg

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TBH this scares every body part of mine.

Boys Club

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Just some hairy dudes sitting on a bench…

Creepy Santa

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I don’t want to be a part of such future.


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