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Cringy Vegans Spreading Nothing But Truth

Vegans have become a powerful online community, and we commend their fight for better food quality control and less cruelty towards animals. But there are some vegans that take the whole plant-based diet thing a bit too far, and turn it into a lifestyle that consists of bashing meat eaters, getting ridiculous tattoos and judging us lowly plebs from a spiritual high ground. Those are the vegans that we’ll be focusing on here, so fasten your seatbelts. It’s gonna be a cringy ride.

Stay tuned for our favorite at #8 where vegans expose the real truth about the food they eat!


13. A Cheat Meal

“Wow, now I understand omnivores.”

He’s going to regret eating that hot dog and probably do something irrational to make up for it on the drive home. Let’s turn on the news and see:

12. The Heist

An escape strategy for them probably would have been a better idea, but at least she got that off her chest.

Aside from running evil livestock trucks off the road, another thing that usually makes vegans feel better about themselves are cool tattoos:


11. Vegan Mugshot

I think I will become vegan just to get one of these neat jail tattoos. Vegans are just so crazy, living their lives on the edge and pooping in KFC toilets… but wait, what’s a vegan doing in KFC?…


10. Fighting KFC

Wait till they see the bill!

And don’t forget to bring some vegan-friendly reading material with you to while you’re abusing fast food restaurant toilets! Here’s a really great article for next time:


9. How To Stay Cancer Free For Life

Especially trusting in God. Medieval black plague ridden peasants hit like if you agree.

And thank God indeed, I think this means I can still eat Jalapeno Tostitos. As a vegan, those are my favorite snack. Let’s see what the nutritional info reads:


8. An Ugly Surprise: Part 1

Totally harmless right? The ugly truth will be revealed in Part 2. Are you ready for it?…



Even small traces of milk can be deadly. Just look at how many people die every year. Hint: they’ve all drank milk at least once in their lives.

Better off avoiding all foods except for foliage and berries so that you don’t die or end up in some /r/vegan rant like these people…

6. A Reddit Vegan

Eating meat is equal to being a slave owner. A slippery slope indeed.

But let me tell you, there’s no slope a vegan can’t thrash up on this sweet vegan mountain bike:


5. Gotta Go Fast

Gathering herbs has never been easier. You can even race to the store to by cool vegan t-shirts like this:

4. Cool Vegan T-Shirt

If you have to say you’re cool, there’s a big chance you’re not.

It’s kind of like claiming to be a vegan when you’re a feminist. Wouldn’t that be one ultimate vegan? Does such a being exist?…


3. Confused Feminist

Apparently feminism is about tofu hotdogs and soy milk and telling people they’re cow killers while taking fun selfies…


2. The Ice Cream Muncher

She doesn’t like him being happy that’s all. Nothing wrong with having a healthy intolerance to cruelty. This is why I shop the dairy free egg free section in my local Bottlo…


1. Intolerant To Cruelty

Maybe you should give up drinking all together.

But wait, it’s not over! Stay tuned for this next very important vegan message from singer/songwriter Moby:

Confused Vegan Moby

Yep, preparing kale and spinach all day sounds better. Maybe he’ll get enough likes to convince more people to become vegans. Let’s check out the facebook poll…


50 Likes Till Veganism

Now he’s doomed to an omnivore diet. That’s ok though…there are other ways to express yourself if you want to appear to be a vegan. Like writing vegan comics:


Vegan Cartoon

Geez, touchy subject! You don’t have to get so angry when you try to justify your beliefs. Just don’t go contradicting yourself like your friend here…


Little Joys Of Life

One day all omnivore restaurants will go out of business. And we shall have.. peace…

In order to avoid hypocrisy, maybe in future vegans should stick to creating original memes like this next one. Just saying.


More Vegan Memes

Well, he does seem a little pale.

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