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Cringy Ads 4

Companies are trying to reach people with their ads as much as possible. However, sometimes they are trying too hard. So hard, it turns into a sight of cringe and fails. Poor ad placements and contextual errors really can make us feel uneasy upon seeing some of these.


Camping Mat

Media source

So good you can’t lay on it.


Media source

They are giving it freely, I wonder how.

Tasty Coca-Cola

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She is lovin’ it

Sinks on Water

Media source

I don’t think it does, sir.


Media source

Wondering how did this go unseen…


Media source

For some people, I guess…

Heart Disease

Media source

Let’s hurry up there.

Going Down Smoothly

Media source

A bit too far.

Fall Season

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Fall season under the train. Very safe.

Taking the Stairs

Media source

When life spits in your face.

Beauty 360

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Makes sense…

Humor Attempt

Media source

Who makes these?!

Chocolate and Fashion

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Rubbing chocolate all over your face is a thing?


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