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Overpriced Artworks Part 6

We all know that art has it’s corresponding price, much depends upon the materials used and the end results as well. Here is another compilation of artists trying to sell their masterpieces with ridiculous prices.

Trash Artwork

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Paint smothered trash can for $125.

Knife Collection II

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I really prefer Knife Collection I. The artist has lost his touch in this piece.


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75 dollars for stuff of nightmares.


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Now this is just ridiculous.

Reclaimed what?

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Who’d buy such a thing?


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For a low price of $375, you can get an ugly sweater.

Hobo Outfit

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$2,600 for a piece of rag. Seriously?

Collection Pieces

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Artist is probably drowning in cash right now.


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This has to be worth less than $3.33


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What is that hanging by a string?

Family Portrait

Client refused to pay for their portrait

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I wonder why she didn’t pay the artist.

Excellent Art Display Piece

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One of it’s kind indeed. They won’t mass produce this ugly thing.

Delusional Barber

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Half the price, half your scalp. He experimented on his poor little brother too.

Listed Price

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That “Haha” react is just perfect.

Living in Fear

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Free shipping?! What a deal!

What is this?

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For display purposes? For  halloween?


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Just run your pencil through a piece of paper and sell it online.

Oil Can Guitar

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Oil Can + Guitar parts = $2000

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