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Interesting Guppy Tank Aquarium Plants

When a setting up your aquarium to get ready for your guppies there are several things that you are going to be focused on. Of course the priority is going to be making it a good living environment for these fish but you also want your tank look attractive. With the use of some interesting guppy tank aquarium plants you can meet both of these needs.

What has to be remembered however, just as your fish are going to take ongoing care and maintenance so are the plants that you are going to be using in the setting. The plants have some benefits for the fish in that they help to keep the nitrate levels lower. They also help to boost the oxygen levels plus they are beneficial for keeping the algae under control that can form in the tank.

To get the most aesthetic effect you want to plan where your plants are going to go and how they are going to benefit your guppies as well. There are some types of plant that are low growing and these look great for covering the floor of the aquarium while there are other ones that are tall and leafy, and by using a combination of these you can get a really nice looking effect.
When choosing your plants you are going to see that some of them are great for the background while others form a carpet, and then there are those in between that are a medium height and work well in the center of the aquarium.

Amazon Sword

These are a plant that can grow to a nice height and average up to around 20 cm in their growth. These are the plants that you want to set along the back to act as a background plant. They are going to take some care, meaning that you will need to prune them as the leaves die off. They grow well in temperatures between 72 to 82°F. They require moderate lighting and as for the benefits that the going to give your guppies it means they will provide a good hiding place for them.

this is a plant that is easy to clean and gives you some height in your plant choices. It requires a medium to low lighting and is an easy type of plant to take care of requiring very little maintenance.

Anubias Barteri (Marble)
For the in between sized plants this is a good choice with low lighting requirements and easy to look after. It works best when you use this for the Center planting of your aquarium.

Asian Ambulia
As an alternative to the Amazon Sword for your back drop planting this is also a good choice. It will require a medium to low lighting and again is classed as easy to care for.
While not all of these plants may be available to you at your local aquarium shop you are going to be able to find a selection that is similar to these that will give you the different heights and fullness of the plants to decorate the tank as you see fit. One thing that you must make sure of is that they are guppy friendly and are not going to bring any harm into your guppies. The one nice thing about guppies is that they are not ones that destroy plants so you are not going to have this issue to deal with.

You may also be thinking about using artificial plants which is fine as well, but you have to be extra cautious that they are appropriate for tank use and don’t contain any toxins. You also have to make sure that you know the maintenance and what their requirements are for the various aquarium plants so that they don’t conflict with the requirements of the guppy. This means having plants that meet the proper water temperature as well as the lighting.

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