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How to Maintain Your Guppy Color Strain

Once you have entered into the world of breeding guppies there is so much that you are going to need to learn but it will be a most exciting journey for you, and one that will bring you a great deal of pleasure and perhaps even be profitable for you. One of the things that you’re going to want to concentrate on a great deal is developing and maintaining a color strain. There is a lot that you need to do in order to achieve this.
This involves….
Proper breeding
Getting the right supplies
Taking care of your guppies and the maintenance
Proper feeding,
Culling and selecting,
An understanding of genetics
Record keeping
Developing breeding methods

The first thing you’re going to want to do is decide on the color strain that you want to maintain. This is going to come down to your personal preference and what you feel will do well if you are going to get in to showing guppies.
This means you are going to have to have the right breeding stock to start with which in turn means that you need to find a breeder who can deliver the breeding couple that will maintain and produce the color that you are looking for. You may end up having to pay more money for this but it will be well worth it as this is your starting point.
There are a lot of things that when it comes to the color strain that is important such as whether the breeding couple will breed the true colors and that they will be stable through their genetics. Then you are going to want to learn how to maintain your color line. This is often done through line breeding and it is going to entail some definitive record keeping.
You are going to want to keep the offspring from your breeding pairs separate so that you will be able to identify the pedigree from that line. You want to make sure that you are able to keep a track of them which is where your record-keeping comes in and this way you will be able to control or eliminate across breeding. However, there will be times that you will need to get into crossbreeding of the lines so that you can maintain the integrity of the strain that you are producing.
Normally when you are picking up your breeding pair you will want at least two if not more sets of related parent stock. If you are buying a male and two females make sure that you ask that the females be from two totally different lines. When choosing the male you want to choose one that has or possesses the most male characteristics that you want to be passed along into your fry that you are breeding as your line. This is just the beginning of maintaining and developing your guppy line.

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