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Looking at What Makes Your Guppy Special

For most, when they are first starting out in their hobby of guppies they focus most of their attention on the color. There are many other important aspects about the guppy that you will need to pay attention to. If you are eventually going to get into showing your guppies then their shape is going to play an important factor in how you do with this.

Looking at the upper part of the body which starts with the forehead you do not want this to be too square or overly round. There should be straight edges with a sharp looking upper section. When it comes to the head if you find that your guppies seem to have longer heads compared to others, this is most likely because they have been bred in mass numbers. Over all the guppy body should look balanced. You don’t want the head too long or too short. What usually happens with the guppy that ends up with the longer formed head is that as they age it begins to bend.

When it comes to the dorsal you want to take a close look at the rectangular area. You want this to be wider compared to longer than the actual length. In most cases it has been discovered that that the guppy with the longer length dorsal has a longer tail fin.

The tail fin is a very important part of the looks of the guppy. Guppies that fare well in the shows are those that have the bigger and wider tail fin. For the fantail guppies the standard that has been set is a 1:1 length from the angle point of the tail to the end of the tail, and the length from the angle point of the tail to the end of the head. Guppies get classified into different categories according to the country they are in. For example, a guppy that ends up with the short tail will be classed as a veil tail breed in some countries. This particular look is not accepted by some other countries as a specific breed, however.

Another intriguing aspect of the guppy that receives a lot of attention is the type of tail that they have. It is probably a toss up as to which is more important to the average guppy owner, meaning whether it is the color or the type of tail that the guppy has. There are approximately 10 different fin types that have been categorized.

  • Fantail: guppies up with the fantail will have a fin tail that looks like a fan
  • Delta: is a tail fin that has a triangular shape
  • Lyre tail: shows the middle part of the tail  as being shorter
  • Double Sword: you will see that both ends of the fin tail are longer.
  • Bottom Sword: the bottom and of the tail fin will be longer
  • Top Sword: the upper end of the tail fin appears longer
  • Spade: the tail fin looks just like a spade
  • Pin: the middle section of the tail fin appears longer
  • Wild: this is the most common type tail fin that you will see.
  • Long fin: it should be remembered that when you are looking at the long fin type that there are two categories here one is the ribbon and the other is the swallow.

These are the unique features that you want to look for when you are choosing your most prized guppy and perhaps the attributes that you want to focus on if you are getting into breeding.

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