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Understanding the Guppy Strains

After you have had a few guppy fish for a while most likely you will want to expand on your hobby and get into breeding. When you make this decision you then have to really start looking at the different types of guppy strains. There are many to choose from and who you choose to buy your breeding stock from is going to be important.
You will probably find that if you are using your local fish store to purchase your fish from that the main strains you will find there are the fantail or at the Deltatail. You will notice the characteristics of these guppies in that they have flowing tails and dorsal fins which are quite wide and they are usually the same color or have the same pattern.

If you reach out to serious guppy breeders who are selling breeding stock you will find that they have a selection of sword tail or linear tail guppies, again in many different variations. You may not see these particular strains in your local store because they are not as brightly colored or don’t have as many colors as the fantails and the Deltatails do.
In most of the strains you will find that it’s the male that is the most colorful and has the larger fins. In good show stock however you also find there are females that have a good amount of color in their dorsals and tails. In most cases the females in any strain don’t have very much body color.
You may find strains of guppies that are called unicolour where their body tail and dorsal fins are all the same color. In addition to these you will also come across some guppies that have unique looks to them like the Tequila Sunrise, for example. In this particular strain you will only be able to purchase the male because the breeders want to encapsulate the market and don’t want to put the females out for breeding.
moscow guppy

Another type of strain that you may come across is the Moscows which are solid colored guppies they are larger in size and they are a sturdy fish and are most noted because of their large flowing fins you will not come across these too often as they have not really hit the open market of the general fish stores as yet.
It can be difficult when purchasing breeders from other locations because what may be named as a strain in your area may have a different name for the same strain in another area.
When you are showing your guppy there are going to be criteria that your guppy must meet in order to enter and perhaps win in their category. For example, if you are going into the swordtail categories then you have to be aware that the swordtail does come in a single or double swordtail. If you have one that has a single tail then they would have to be entered into the single swordtail class and likewise for the double swordtail. The Delta tail guppy has a tail that looks very much like a triangle. You will definitely want to give some planning and thought to which breed you want to concentrate on especially if you are going to enter into the show world of guppies.

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