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Best Foods to Enhance Guppy Color

color enhancingLike most other fish, a guppy’s color can change depending on nutrition, water quality, and lighting. You can keep your guppies vibrant as well as healthy by feeding them nutrient-rich foods. Here are some of the best foods to enhance guppy color.

NutraFin Color Enhancing Flakes
There are two formulas of NutraFin: one for bettas and one for guppies and other livebearers. The NutraFin formula has minerals and vitamins that promote health as well as enhance color. It’ll take about two months before you notice your guppies getting brighter. Note that NutraFin flakes are fairly small; you may want to try Tetramin instead if you have mostly grown guppies or your guppies ignore the small flakes.

Tetra Color Flakes
Tetra Color is designed to brighten tropical fish like guppies. Unlike NutraFin, Tetra Color flakes are not designed to be a primary food source. Instead, these flakes are meant to be a supplement to your guppy’s daily food. Unlike most flake food on the market, Tetra Color will not make the water cloudy.

Aqueon Tropical Color-Enhancing Flakes
Aqueon flakes are my preferred color-enhancing flake food because they don’t cloud the water and the flakes aren’t too small. The color-enhancing Aqueon flakes contain astaxanthin, chili powder, marigold, spirulina, kelp, minerals, and vitamins to support overall health and promote brilliant colors, including the blues and greens that are harder to target.

Frozen Crustaceans and Live Food
Guppies love crustaceans and they also help enhance their color. Crustaceans are high in carotenoids that enhance the yellow, red, and orange colors in guppies. Live food, meanwhile, mimics your guppy’s natural diet and it ensures your guppies get all of the nutrients that are otherwise lost during freezing or freeze-drying. Mosquito larvae, blood worms, and brine shrimp are all high in carotenoids. You can learn more about live and frozen food options for guppies here.

The best way to enhance the color of your guppies is a varied, nutrient-rich diet. Some foods, such as the Tetra Color flakes, work to enhance yellow, red, and orange colors but don’t work to brighten blues and greens.

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