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Crossbreeding Endlers and Guppies

guppy endlerMany closely related livebearing fish can be crossbred with guppies, including mollies and endlers. Endler and guppy crossbreeding is fairly easy and the resulting fry may be quite beautiful, especially once you get more experience breeding. Here are some tips for crossbreeding your endlers and guppies.

1. Cross Male Endlers with Female Guppies
It’s best to let your male endlers breed with female guppies for a few reasons. Pure endlers are becoming very uncommon in nature while guppies remain very common. It’s a good idea to let your female endlers breed true to keep up your endler population. Female endlers are also smaller than guppies. If you breed male guppies with female endlers, the babies can be too large and dangerous for the endler to carry and may kill the pregnant endler.

2. Put the Male Endler in a Tank with Female Guppies
The easiest way to cross guppies and endlers is letting male endlers visit a tank with female guppies. You can do this after you allow your female endlers to get pregnant by the male. While you can certainly allow both endlers and guppies to live in a community tank together, you won’t have control over the breeding and the cross can go the other way, potentially killing female endlers. With greater control over the breeding, you can breed for more attractive features.

3. The Fry May Be Sterile or Weaker
Sometimes the fry that result from a guppy/endler cross are infertile. They also tend to be less hardy, which means they may not live as long as your true guppies and endlers.

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