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How Old Do Guppies Need to Be to Sell Them?

guppy tankIf you’re lucky enough to have a local community of guppy breeders or local fish supply stores that are willing to buy your extra guppies, you may be wondering how old your fry need to be before you can sell them. As you can imagine, breeders and stores don’t want guppy fry that are so small they will be eaten in a tank with other fish. Here are some basic guidelines for selling your guppies.

How Old Should Guppies Be to Sell?
At the very least, your guppies should be old enough to go into a tank with adults before selling. This is usually around 2 months of age. If you’re selling your guppies to a fish store, they will expect the fins and colors to be fully developed. After all, a store will want to see what they’re buying and customers will only want to buy guppies with full color.

How long it takes for your guppies to develop their color depends on their genetics. Some colors and patterns are faster to show than others. Most colors will begin to show by 1-6 weeks, although some colors can take up to two months to fully develop.

Preparing Guppies for Sale
If you plan to breed guppies for sale or you’re interested in bulking up a batch of fry for a faster sale, remember that guppy growth rate depends a great deal on the quality of the water and their nutrition.

You can help your guppies grow larger faster by feeding fry newly hatched or frozen brine shrimp, which is packed with protein, along with flake food. Make sure you feed your fry three times a day but take care to avoid overfeeding. Feeding guppies too much food will contribute to poor water quality, which inhibits growth. Be sure to do partial water changes regularly.

Raising the water temperature slightly can also increase metabolism and help your fish grow faster. Be careful that you don’t increase the temperature too fast or set it too high.

Have you had any luck selling your guppies to local breeders or fish supply stores?

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