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How long do guppies live?

how long do guppies liveHow long do guppies live?
What’s the average lifespan of a guppy fish? What factors affect how long guppies live and how can you give your fish the best chance of living a long life?

Find out how long your guppy is likely to live based on the average guppy life span…


How long do guppies live?

Usually, with proper care, guppies live for between one and two years. However, “with proper care” is the key part of that sentence. If you keep your guppy fish in a tank that is too small for them, or don’t feed them properly, then they are unlikely to live very long.

How long can guppies live?

It’s not unheard of for guppies to live as long as four or even five years. However, these are exceptions and most guppies will live for between one and two years.

What factors can affect how long guppies live?

There are a number of factors that can affect how long guppies live. These include:

  • water quality – guppies living in poor quality water are more vulnerable to disease and less likely to live a long life
  • water temperature – guppies living in cooler water will grow more slowly and live longer than guppy fish kept in warmer water
  • diet – feeding your guppies a nutritious, varied diet will give them a better chance of living long lives
How long have your guppies lived?

We’d be very interested to hear how long your guppy fish live! And we’re sure other Guppy Fish Care readers would be too! Do your guppies usually live between one and two years? Have you owned any guppies that have lived a surprisingly long time? Or are you struggling to keep your guppies alive for a year or more? Let us know in the comments!

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