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How Long are Guppies Pregnant?

pregnant guppyCurious how long you need to wait for your first drop? Guppy gestation can vary depending on your female’s health, stress, and tank conditions. Here’s what you can expect when your guppy is pregnant.

How to Tell if Your Guppy is Pregnant
In the right conditions (specifically warm water), it’s possible for females to get pregnant when they’re just 1 month old. Most guppies mature at around 3 months, however. It can be tricky to tell your guppy is pregnant until the end of the pregnancy, although the gravid spot — or that spot near the anus under the tail — will turn dark and get larger when a guppy is pregnant. Your guppy will also develop a boxy shape as the pregnancy advances. Toward the end, you may even see the eyes of the fry through the skin of her belly!

Guppy Gestation
The gestation period for a guppy depends on your female’s health and stress as well as the conditions of the tank. While gestation can last anywhere from 21 to 30 days, most pregnancies are between 22 and 26 days long.

Females will give birth sooner and easier with warm water between 72 and 79 degrees. The gestation period tends to be longer when females are stressed or afraid. A great deal of stress, however, can drastically shorten the gestation period and even lead to a miscarriage. Make sure you keep the tank at a consistent warm temperature with clean water.

Guppies are very fertile and often called “millionfish” because they can get pregnant within hours of giving birth and potentially have up to 200 fry at once. The average pregnancy results in 30 to 60 fry. Here’s a fun fact on guppy pregnancy: female guppies can store male sperm for up to 12 months and get pregnant 8 times from a single insemination!

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