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Woman Takes Adorable Orphaned Kitten To Work And The Tiny Ball Of Fur Disturbs Everyone

For most of us, the best workplace is one that would have an office pet. Not only it makes everyone forget about their stress and problems, but it brings a lot of ‘AWWs’ to everyone!

Take for example this little fella that was only a tiny ball of fur when it was brought to the office. Life as an orphaned animal is tough, but Joey, the calico cat was lucky to find a ton of friends! As soon as she made his way to everyone in the office, she became the main attraction all day long! Photo #7 is absolutely hilarious!

23. Joey, The Calico

An employee that works at a graphic design company is also a foster mommy for orphaned animals. But this little kitten was so young, that she needed regular meals and more attention. And, she just couldn’t bear knowing that this baby cat was going to stay home alone. So she decided to do this amazing thing…

22. Driving Is Fun!

Usually, dogs love car rides, but with cats, it’s a bit difficult to guess how they will react. Well, you can see that this kitten was born to be a co-pilot! Here’s how the kitten got to her first day of work. We’re wondering if it was nervous.

But looking at its hilarious face, we’re guessing that he’s enjoying every moment of it. The car ride was a treat and getting to the office would turn out to be even more exciting. Suddenly, the calico became a sensation on the Internet!

21. Going to ‘Work’

This cutie is called Joey, and unfortunately, she’s an orphaned kitten. The graphic designer also fosters animals that are brought to the local shelter. But she had to take little Joey with her to bottle feed her. Baby animals need to be fed around the clock, so Joey’s mommy hoped for the best when she got to the office.

Lucky for her foster mom, everyone at the office was happy to see the little ball of fur around their desks. And that’s not everything! Guess what she did when she got there…

20. Furry Surprise!

The kitten was taken from Young Williams Animal Center, Knoxville, Tennessee. The kitten was very small and needy, and when her foster mom took Joey home, she knew it would have been difficult to leave her behind.

So, one day, her foster mommy would surprise her coworkers with this little ball of fur. But Joey had a schedule of her own!

19. What’s This? What’s That?

Daily exercise is necessary to keep that fluffy belly in shape, so Joey was more than happy to walk all over the desks and check things out. She’d walk on the computer keyboard, ‘helping’ her mommy, and then check out that yummy thing in the mug.

Joey got famous on Reddit and people started talking… Everyone was melting around this cute baby cat. Joey was now famous!

18. Reddit Comments Poured In

People went crazy over Joey! She was finally getting all the attention she needed so much. Everyone at the office showered the little fluff with cuddles and snuggles. Then the people on Reddit started to imagine what the cat would say as an office cat.

These comments cracked us up: ‘can I get a coffee, please? Lots of milk, no sugar, water, or coffee.’ And that’s not all, you won’t believe what the little ball of fur did next. We’re in tears!

17. Notice the Meow!

After a tiny animal is born, it goes through decisive moments while it grows. Kittens need constant care and love to become healthy adults. And her foster mom was doing a great job. All tiny kittens need a loving mommy, and Joey was craving for attention.

Lucky for her, everyone in the office wanted to cuddle and play with her. Guess how much work has been done that week in the office! We’re just going to say that Joey’s coworkers had other important business, like showing her the office and how to properly use a pen.

16. A Great Foster Mom

This tiny kitten was in the most caring hands in the world. The graphic designer had to bottle feed the kitten every few hours. It’s also known that kittens need company when they’re small. In a litter, they have each other, so Joey needed a mommy or her siblings. But as an orphan, she had to find a home… or an office!

Little did her coworkers know that they will get to meet a kitten in their office that day! What do you think, did the kitten had fun? We are more inclined to admit that everyone had fun at the office when Joey was around!

15. Best Time Ever

Being productive at work was very important, and sometimes a silent environment helped, but Joey wasn’t just going to keep quiet. She wanted her milk and cuddles! Usually, in their office there was silence. But once they saw little Joey, the office was filled with ‘AWWs’ all day long. That was until the kitten was brought in and started making funny noises.

And when she started talking, everyone melted! A co-worker documented the whole experience and told Redditers all the details! Check them out!

14. When Was the Deadline? MEOW!

Everyone’s day was a lot brighter around Joey’s funny waddles! With their new fluffy coworker, the whole office was focused on showing their new member the surroundings. Imagine that with that much cuteness around, nobody at the office actually focused on finishing their work.

They were watching the fur baby and played with her. They even took rounds caring for her! Finishing work was totally out of the question with this little cat around! And guess what?

13. ‘Squeaky Mews’

The co-worker on Reddit is ‘sa3belle’ and she told everyone on Reddit that whenever they heard ‘little squeaky mews’, it meant they had to bottle feed the kitten. Joey had her priorities: eating, sleeping and finding new toys! Of course, by toys we mean mugs, pens, paper clips, hands and any other objects that moved or appeared to move!

And nobody was paying attention to work anymore… and who could blame them? The next photo is adorable!

12. Napping is Serious Work

‘Most of the day she sleeps,’ said sa3belle when people asked about Joey. And it was a normal routine for a baby cat. As babies, animals sleep a lot of the time. This is how their bodies develop and grow!

Sa3belle kept talking about Joey on Reddit. Finding out more about the kitten, the Redditers came up with more jokes: ‘I want that dead bird on my desk by 5, Jim.’ And this next one…

11. Joey, The Best Excuse

Having a pet at the office might be a reason for why the employees are not finishing their work anymore, but in Joey’s case, at a design company, he was quite the inspiration.

Wondering what the boss of the company said? The boss and everyone in the office loved having Joey around! But the kitten wasn’t finished yet… work had to be done!

10. Waddle Waddle

It was time for an investigation. Joey had some purrrrsonal things to solve: finding out what was in everyone’s cups of coffee. And then, after checking out to see if that coffee was any good, she’d just go and nap in someone’s arms.

It looks like the coffee didn’t present much interest or perhaps it didn’t kick in. And if you’re wondering how much work was done that first week, then here’s the perfect joke we got from Reddit:

Boss: “Did you get any work done on the Newman project?”

You: “Well, let me show you this kitten first.”

The next photo will fill your heart with joy!

9. Babysitting the Ball of Fluff

It seems that taking care of a baby kitten means to bottle feed it anytime it cries for food and then watch it waddle for a few minutes, before falling asleep. Everyone at the office took turns to babysit the calico. In return, when she woke up, Joey would help around. She was the best stress-reliever!

Sa3belle stated that some stressed co-workers ‘really appreciated this little bundle of fur.’After a while, the kitten got tired. Here’s what she did!

8. Eating is So Exhausting!

After getting her milk, Joey would soon fall asleep. Unfortunately for her coworkers, they couldn’t take a nap at the office, but they were more than eager to hold her while she was resting.

She kept going to work every day until she no longer needed to be bottle fed. Our hearts have completely melted! Curious to see how Joey looks like now, as an adult cat? Check out photo #2, is amazing!

7. The Main Attention

As a tiny cat, Joey had all the attention and was loved by everyone. With her foster mom and her friends, the calico orphan thrived. But that didn’t mean that her office days were gone. No, she was still an office cat, even though she grew bigger.

And Joey’s coworkers were thrilled to see her again. Everyone was looking forward to coming to work and play with their new furry colleague.

6. Joey, The Employee of the Month

Who knows, maybe having pets at the office is quite a great way to cut costs. Imagine how much money is spent on team building. Some companies provide team building sessions and take them to interesting places like skiing, hiking, or anything that requires playing as a team.

This company didn’t need it, because Joey was the fluffy ‘glue’ that brought everyone together. And this little fellow was the perfect teammate if you were up to some cuddles! At the end of the day…

5. A Hard Day at Work

Joey was the best cat in the world! She was a great coworker and cuddles time never ended. When work was all done and Joey went home with her mommy, they’d chill and fall asleep. It’s true, working days can be exhausting for a new employe.

But this little cat had everything figured out: she had a home, a mommy and a ton of friends ready love her!

4. Joey is Now a Young Lady

Even though Joey is now three times as big as she was when she got to the office for the first time, she still knows how to make herself loved. The little fluff has grown since we first saw her.

She is no longer a tiny ball of fur, but she is still the cutie we’ve fallen in love with. As a teenager, Joey is still going to work to keep everyone company. But the great news was soon going to arrive. And guess what?

3. The Young Williams Animal Center Had Great News

‘Joey’s foster mom has decided that she wants Joey’s temporary home to become her permanent home’, said the animal center a few weeks after the graphic designer took her in foster care. A lot of foster parent fall in love with the animals they take in, ending up in adopting them and giving them a furrever home.

And who wouldn’t fall in love with this awesome kitten? Here’s how Joey looks like now… it’s amazing!

2. Just Adorable!

Maybe Joey had a tough beginning, after being left alone on the streets and not finding her way to her mommy. But what started out as a cute story of fostering a poor little kitty, it ends in having that kitty FOREVER: ‘That is how they get ya… those cats are devious and so adorable’, said one of Joey’s fans on the Internet. And trust us, Joey has quite a fan base!

Working at an office would be the best job ever if we had an office kitten or an office pup.

1.’Take Your Cat To Work’ Day

Pets keep our spirits up and they are definitely an inspiration to anyone. Who knows, perhaps we’ll get them one day. And we really loved the office kitty jokes sent by Reddit users, so as a bonus, here are some more:

‘Jenkins! Hold my calls. That red dot is back again.’

‘Call the fire department! I climbed up the corporate ladder and now I can’t get down.’

One thing is sure, we wouldn’t be able to blame the cat for not respecting the deadline! Would you want to have an office pet like Joey because we know we would surely enjoy it!

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