Woman Ran Out Of Gas, Then Homeless Stranger Did Something Incredible
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This young woman was driving her car when it suddenly ran out of gas. Miles away from a gas station, the woman was approached by a homeless man who offered to help her out of her predicament. You’ll be touched by this story of selflessness that proves that our world is filled with some pretty amazing people.

20. The Young Woman

Image: Buzzfeed

Kate McClure, a New Jersey resident, was driving her car on I-95 while on the way to visit a friend. She was heading towards Philadelphia when her car suddenly ran out of gas. The tank was completely empty and she began to panic.

19. Panic Settles

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My heart was beating out of my chest. I pulled over as far as I could, and got out of the car to head to the nearest gas station,” Kate later wrote in a post about the situation. Kate began to seriously worry, as she wasn’t familiar with the area at all. That was when a stranger approached her…

18. The Stranger

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The stranger that approached Kate was Johnny Bobbitt, Jr. He was a homeless man from the area and he witnessed the entire incident occur. He instantly came over to Kate to lend a hand and pass some very helpful advice about the neighborhood she found herself stranded in.

17. Bad Neighborhood

Image: Radaris

Johnny advised Kate to get back into her car and keep the doors locked the entire time. He told her that the neighborhood wasn’t safe enough for her to walk all the way to the closest gas station. Instead, Johnny offered up his services to Kate and he went out of his way to help in the most amazing way.

16. Johnny’s Help

Image: WOAI

Johnny walked away from Kate and after a bit of time had gone by he came back with a gas can that he had gotten filled up at the nearest gas station. Johnny had used his last $20 to get the gas for Kate and he quickly helped her fill her tank back up. Kate was astonished at his unbelievable kindness…

15. Forever Impacted

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Kate was incredibly touched by Johnny’s kindness and willingness to help her out when she really needed it most.

Johnny did not ask me for a dollar, and I couldn’t repay him at that moment because I didn’t have any cash, but I have been stopping by his spot for the past few weeks. I repaid him for the gas, gave him a jacket, gloves, a hat, and warm socks, and I give him a few dollars every time I see him,” Kate said.

But that was only the start of the repayment…

14. Touched By An Angel

Image: ABC News

[Johnny] saw me pull over and knew something was wrong. He told me to get back in the car and lock the doors. A few minutes later, he comes back with a red gas can. Using his last 20 dollars to make sure I could get home safe,” Kate wrote.

Kate began to build a relationship with Johnny…

13. A Relationship


Image: GoFundMe

Every time Kate stopped by to see Johnny and bring him something she would strike up a conversation with him. The pair continued to get closer and she soon learned about Johnny’s goals, one of them being his hope of having a permanent home. Kate knew she had to somehow help his dream come true…

12. Not Enough

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Despite bringing him clothes, some pocket money, and chatting him up, Kate felt that she had to give Johnny more. After all, he basically saved her life. She couldn’t imagine what would have happened if Johnny hadn’t come over and done his good deed. Kate began to brainstorm.

11. Brainstorming

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Kate brought up the predicament to her boyfriend, Mark D’Amico. The pair worked to come up with the perfect plan to help Johnny. Finally, it dawned on them: the perfect plan! Can you guess what it was?

10. Fundraiser

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Kate and Mark finally decided that the best way to help Johnny would be to ask the community for help. Together the pair started a GoFundMe page for Johnny. “I wish that I could do more for this selfless man, who went out of his way just to help me that day,” she wrote on the GoFundMe page.

She never expected how much she would help Johnny!

9. A Goal

Image: The Washington Post

I truly believe that all Johnny needs is one little break. Hopefully, with your help I can be the one to give it to him,” Kate wrote on the page.

She and Mark set the initial goal to $10,000 but they had no idea how much that goal would be surpassed by.

8. Little By Little

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Kate was hoping to just be able to reach the $10,000 goal. She never expected that others would be so touched by the story that so many would want to help. In just a few days the goal was surpassed at $23,000 but it doesn’t end there!

7. Thanksgiving Happiness

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On Thanksgiving Day, the fundraiser reached an amazing amount of $110,000! Kate was blown away by the kindness that the Internet continued to the show. And yet, people still weren’t done donating! You won’t believe how much they managed to raise with the fundraiser.

6. Black Friday

Image: ABC News

While many people were out shopping for Black Friday sales, others were putting their money towards a good cause. By Black Friday the fundraiser had reached a whopping $227,000!! You’d think this is where our story ends, but no, the money only continued to add up!

5. Final Amount

Image: The Dickinson Press

The fundraiser for Johnny reached an amazing amount of $389,000 and has still grown. Johnny was blown away by people’s charity and kindness. Kate quickly updated the GoFundMe to explain what Johnny will be using the money for and it sounds like an amazing plan.

4. Johnny’s Plans

Image: CarGurus

With the money raised, Johnny plans to purchase a 1999 Ford Explorer and a house for him to live in. He also plans on opening up two trust funds that will be managed by a financial advisor and lawyer. However, Johnny’s altruistic spirit is still in him and you’ll be so touched by what he plans to do with the rest of the money.

3. Donating Back

Image: Daily Mail

With the rest of the money, Johnny plans on giving donations to many of the organizations that helped him when he was at his lowest. “This is a well thought out plan that Johnny his lawyer and financial advisor came up with in order to give Johnny the means to acclimate back into a ‘normal’ life and also to protect him and ensure he has a bright future,” wrote McClure.

Kate is eternally grateful to everyone that donated and her update on the GoFundMe page is beyond touching, as you’ll see in the next slide.

2. Kate’s Appreciation

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We couldn’t thank all of you enough for the kindness you have shown,” McClure wrote on the GoFundMe page. “Mark and I are beyond humbled and grateful that you took our little project and turned it into a world wide cause that thousands of people supported.”

This is a shining example of how far one good deed can go.

1. A New Life

Image: 70news

Thanks to one good deed, Johnny’s life has been completely changed. This story is a heartwarming tale of just how far one good act can take your life. No matter how bad of a turn your life may have made, there is always a brighter tomorrow.