Baby Saved By A Rescuing Hug From Her Twin Sister

We know that miracles do happen when you least expect it, but this one is very special. This story has definitely been taken from a fairy tale! In 1995 a pair of twins became famous after showing the world their strong connection. From a very sad beginning, this set of premature baby twins defeated the odds and now are all grown up and beautiful. Check out the entire story of Kyrie and Brielle Jackson.

20. 12 Weeks Too Soon

These two are Kyrie and Brielle Jackson, back when they were born. This photograph was taken by a news reporter who happened to be there. How did they get to hug like that? Let’s take it all from the beginning.

19. Tiny Babies

The premature babies arrived too soon and that’s why they needed a lot of attention. You’d never imagine what they would go through the first weeks of their lives.

18. One of the Twins Was Not Doing Well

Kyrie was looking well, she was very small, weighing about 2 pounds. She was eating and gaining more weight as it was expected to. But Brielle wasn’t as well as her sister. What happened next is truly exceptional!

17. A Miracle Had to Happen

Parents and doctors didn’t think she’d stand a chance but something unexpected happened that saved her life. Brielle couldn’t breathe well and she wasn’t gaining weight as Kyrie was.

16. The Jacksons Tried to Be Positive

Their father, Paul Jackson, hoped Brielle would survive, but they never thought that this one small gesture will save her daughter’s life. Here is what happened next…

15. They Were in Incubators

Babies born prematurely or that weight less than they should are put in incubators. The girls were placed in two separate incubators and they didn’t get to be together much. Twins are known to be very close to each other.

14. The NICU Nurses Were Honest

The nurses informed the parents that ‘’things look pretty good now, but, to be honest with you, over the next 48 to 72 hours, things could turn very quickly’.

13. There Was Nothing They Could Do

Things got worse, Brielle wasn’t getting any better. Instead of bringing their girls home, the Jacksons started to worry that they wouldn’t save one of their daughters. What turned out to be the scariest moment of their lives would soon become the happiest one ever!

12. The Scariest Moment in Their Lives

Brielle started to breathe harder, her heart rate increased and her heart was beating too fast for her age. The oxygen level dropped quickly and the parents were heartbroken, fearing only the worst. They could only pray for a miracle.

11. Little Brielle Couldn’t Breathe

The twin sister was turning blue and the lack of oxygen was threatening her life. With organs not receiving enough oxygen, they would cause the body to shut down. The doctors tried everything, but it all was in vain. Until this happened!

10. Gayle Kasparaian – Their Hero

A NICU nurse, Gayle Kasparaian, had an idea which she decided to use. It was a desperate act which has never been done in the United States, especially in 1995. Her decision wasn’t based on proofs, and she didn’t know if it will work.

9. A Bold Decision That Saved a Baby’s Life

The nurse put Brielle next to her twin sister. This is when something incredible happened. Kyrie put her arm around Brielle as if she hugged her. The people around the nurse were waiting to see if the idea was crazy or not.

8. The Only Hope

But just seconds after being touched by her sister, Brielle started breathing normally and her temperature was better. Here is the doctor’s explanation.

7. The Kangaroo Effect

Placing the newborn on your chest and skin to skin touch is beneficial for the baby. It regulates heart rate, breathing, sleep, improves weight gain and reduces crying.

6. They Finally Went Home

The connection between twins is strong and it saved Brielle’s life. After the family calmed down and the babies’ health was stable, they went home. Here’s what happened next.

5. Best Sisters Ever

The girls grew up and loved each other more and more. As they were older, their parents told them about Brielle and the girls’ bond was even stronger than before. Check them out now, as they are 23 years old!

4. A Twins’ Bond

The bond between twins is always strong. Brielle and Kyrie grew up to be healthy and happy young women. Here’s how they look like now.

3. Teenagers

It’s no surprise that Kyrie and Brielle still have a strong connection. In an interview, they said that sometimes they think of the same things at once and they always say at the same time the exact words.

2. Everything Together

They like to do everything together and enjoy every second of it. This miraculous story is very special and, even though it happened 23 years ago, it still surprises the whole world.

1. Happy Twins

There’s nothing more amazing than this heart-warming story that continues to bring happiness to the family as we speak. We’re now waiting to see if the girls will also plan a double wedding!