Vet Falls Completely Silent When She Sees A Bizarre Object In This Dog’s Stomach
Unidentifiable Mass In Dog’s Stomach Reveals Truly Odd Snacking Habit, Puppy Was Having A Stomach Pain, But What He Ate Completely Surprised Everyone, Vet Sees Unusual Objects In A Puppy’s Stomach And Gasps At Discovery, When Vets Discovered What This Dog Ate They Were Stunned

Dogs are a huge source of happiness to their owners and family’s, so when one gets sick it’s especially disheartening. Anyone with a dog will tell you that their four-legged pal is basically family and nobody wants to see their family member suffer. This was the unfortunate situation that sisters, Sidney and Sara, found themselves in when they took their dog, Tiki, to the vet. However, the vet’s discovery of what was really ailing Tiki shocked everyone! You won’t believe the shocking revelation in #10 & #9!

20. Puppy Love


Dog owners know just how lovable and friendly their pooches are. After all, it’s not a pure coincidence that dog’s are often referred to as man’s best friends. That’s why these two sisters were particularly upset when their dog was acting unusual.

19. Two Sisters


Sidney and Sara, two sisters from Pittsburg, were in love with their beautiful dog, Tiki. The sisters loved playing with him and he was always a source of total happiness. But, suddenly things began to change in Tiki’s behavior and the girls grew concerned.

18. Tiki’s Usual Behavior

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You see Tiki was always down to play and run around the backyard for a fun game of fetch. The sister’s said that he was a very “good boy” and he loved to get his belly rubbed after running around in the spacious yard. But the eight-year-old was starting to age and suddenly he didn’t want to play…

17. Unusual Behavior

Image: USA Today

One day, the girls noticed that Tiki was acting extremely out of the ordinary. You see, he wasn’t up to playing fetch or getting his belly rubbed. He would just lie around and look miserable. The girls were extremely worried and had no idea what was wrong with their best friend.

16. The Vet’s Office

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The girls decided that it would be best to bring Tiki into the vet’s office. At the Good Shepherd Veterinary Hospital, veterinary technician Emily Cottle took X-rays of Tiki’s body. Nobody at the vet’s office expected what Cottle would find and how serious it would be.

15. Huge Mass

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You see, after looking through the X-rays, it was agreed upon that inside of Tiki’s stomach was a large, unidentified mass. Cottle was disturbed by what she saw and quickly sent the Xrays over to the veterinarian so that he could look at them and come to a conclusion. However, the news wasn’t looking so good.

14. The Vet’s Findings

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I see this big huge thing,” Dr. Hisham Ibrahim told Inside Edition about the X-ray, “and I’m not quite sure if it’s some kind of foreign body or if there’s something going on.” The vet was immediately concerned and knew that something was wrong and that action had to be taken immediately. However, the unfortunate news had yet to reach the girls.

13. The Hard News

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Dr. Hisham found his way over to the girls and delivered the bad news to them. He told them that the discovered lump could be cancerous and that immediate surgery should take place to help Tiki. The girls were left with the difficult decision of whether to allow the operation or not…

12. The Decision

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After thinking it through, the girls decided that the only way to help Tiki would be through the surgery. So they quickly agreed to the emergency surgery to have the lump removed. With the official go ahead, Dr. Hisham prepared for emergency surgery. He had no idea what he would find in that odd lump & you won’t believe it either.

11. The Surgery


Dr. Hisham began the surgery and started to cut open Tiki’s tummy to see what was causing him so much pain. Immediately, the doctor knew that the source of the pain was not a cancerous lump. In fact, it was far stranger than that and even the doctor was astonished!

10. The Discovery

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“‘Doctor I’ started pulling handfuls of different items out,” Emily Cottle, his head vet technician, told WTAE. “It was quite an experience to see.”

The doctor began to pull out more and more of the lump, unsure of what was even happening. It was unlike anything he had ever seen before and he was blown away when he pulled out a bunch of underwear. But the underwear wasn’t the only item hiding in Tiki’s stomach.

9. A Stomach Full of Weirdness

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The doctor and vet tech continued to dig inside and pull out various items that Tiki had swallowed. In total, the doctor pulled out eight pairs of underwear, four rubber bands, 62 hair ties, and one band-aid. Talk about a stomach full of junk! So what did Dr. Hisham and Cottle think of all of this craziness?!

8. Wacky Situation

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It was amazing and it’s not easy,” Ibarhim told WTAE when asked about the procedure. “But, thank God, we were able to pull through.”

It was incredibly shocking,” Cottle told INSIDE EDITION. Both the veterinarian and vet tech seemed to be blown away by the entire situation.

How did Tiki’s owners react when they were told of the bizarre news?!

7. The Sister’s Reactions

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Once the surgery was over and the doctor had pulled out all of the strange contents from Tiki’s stomach, he went over to the sisters to tell them what had happened. The girls were relieved to find out that Tiki did not have cancer but they were pretty puzzled by what the doctor discovered inside of Tiki’s stomach. You won’t believe what the girls had to say!

6. Embarrassing Situation

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Well, we identified some of the underwear as my own,” said one of the sisters, her cheeks red with embarrassment. “And some is mine… but not all,” the other sister quickly chimed in, also a bit embarrassed by the situation.

And what about the mountain of hair ties found inside Tiki’s stomach? You’ll laugh at this next explanation.

5. Missing Hair Ties

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“We never really noticed that they were all gone,” one of the sister’s commented when asked about the missing hair ties. Hair ties do have a odd way of disappearing when you least expect it. But how long was Tiki indulging in hair tie a la mode before his stomach began to feel the effects?

4. A Bit Of A Habit



It seems that this wasn’t the first time Tiki had gotten a strange appetite for inedible foods. The girls spoke out about the time that Tiki had once swallowed an entire Nerf dart whole. So what happened after Tiki swallowed the Nerf dart?

3. Weird Appetite

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Luckily, when Tiki decided to swallow an entire Nerf dart, he quickly passed it and wasn’t in need of emergency surgery like this time. So how is Tiki doing now after such an intense surgery? Is the pooch living life normally once again? You’ll be surprised by the changes in his life.

2. Happy Once Again

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Tiki is once again the happy and playful pup he started off as and the sister’s couldn’t be happier! They have also made a promise to watch out for Tiki’s strange eating habits and to keep all of their underwear in their drawer where they belong. However, this situation does provide all dog owners with a powerful message.

1. A Valuable Lesson

Image: Pet Radio Magazine

Tiki’s odd habit of eating anything he finds lying around on the floor serves as a great lesson to all dog owners. It’s super important to watch out for what your dog is eating and to keep harmful items away. We’re all just happy that Tiki had a full recovery and is happy again!