Johns Hopkins Researcher Releases Shocking Report On Flu Vaccines
Johns Hopkins Researcher Releases Shocking Report On Flu Vaccines, New Research Reveals Horrific Facts About The Flu Vaccine, The Shocking Ingredients In Flu Vaccines

The Federal Drug Administration has approved new flu vaccines in 2015, but this isn’t something out of the ordinary, as each year the FDA inspects flu vaccines. All doctors recommend people to get their flu shot vaccines, but what exactly is in them?

The vaccines from 2015 contain ingredients that could cause more damage than actually helping in not getting the flu. Here’s the opinion of a researcher from Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, backed up by Dr. Blaylock, a neurosurgeon. You won’t believe what they discovered!

20. Side-Effects from Chemicals

There is an ingredient called an adjuvant, by the name of Squalene, that was connected to various auto-immune disease side-effects. This chemical was used in the attacks that happened in the Gulf War, and now they’re using it in creating vaccines! You won’t believe what the side-effects of this substance are!

19. Risks of Neurologic Damage

Not only Squalene causes chronic fatigue and muscle aches, but it also causes neurologic damage. Unfortunately, this is not the only thing that concerns us. Vaccines also contain a chemical that creates degenerative diseases! Find out more about at #5.

18. An Alarming Discovery

A researcher that works at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine shared a report that contains his opinions on the subject, and it’s getting us all alarmed. What he published online shocked the internet!

17. The US Public Health Policy is Aggressive

Peter Doshi, the researcher, released his report on the British Medical Journal’s site. He says that promoting vaccines in the US is an aggressive public health policy. The number of vaccines grew in 20 years by over 100 million doses (from 32 million to 135 million doses)! And it doesn’t end here!

16. Take it or Lose It

Peter Doshi states that people are forced to take the vaccine or else they will lose their jobs. What he said about the fact that the government is putting children in danger is even more outrageous…

15. The Flu is Fatal According to CDC

The CDC agrees with pushing mandatory vaccines to the public, arguing that influenza could turn complicated or fatal for senior citizens and for those that are chronically ill. But why old people are still getting the flu after they get vaccinated? 

14. No Positive Results in CDC Studies

However, the CDC found in their studies that the death rates were reduced due to healthy people that get vaccines rather than the ones that are less healthy. 

13. Clinical Trials Show no Reduction of Flu Cases

The vaccine for older people in the CDC studies shows no reduction in deaths, meaning that the influenza vaccines that are used for older people are approved even though the clinical trials showed no reduction in serious cases! 

12. One Less Case in Almost 100 Patients

Each year there are between 33 and 100 healthy people vaccinated against the flu and the results are amazing: there is only one less case of influenza. And a lot more cases showing overwhelming side-effects, as you’re about to find out.

11. The Flu Vaccines Are Not Based on Solid Research

The evidence does not apply to a specific population. The officials claim that the vaccines are life-saving and people assume that all of it is based on solid research. But this is not the case, and here are the reasons.

10. Children Experience Convulsions

Back in 2009, the vaccine for H1N1 influenza caused one in 110 cases of children under five years old to get convulsions. More investigations pointed to a rise of narcolepsy in adolescents. There are other doctors who raised against vaccination, and this is what they have to say!

9. Doctors Are Concerned

The author of ‘The Blaylock Wellness Report’, Dr. Russell Blaylock, who’s a neurosurgeon also shares his concerns about the vaccines. His affirmations will make you think twice before taking another flu vaccine!

8. The Vaccine is Worthless

Peter Doshi states that ‘Not only is the vaccine not safe, it doesn’t even work!’ which makes us think: why do we even do it in the first place? Is the flu vaccine really helping us to avoid the disease?

7. Get the Flu to Avoid Death

The report continues by saying that the government knows that the vaccine is worthless and not safe. The government tells its senior citizens to take the shot and avoid secondary pneumonia, hospitalization, and even death. But Peter Doshi has a completely different opinion that will shock you!

6. No Real Protection Against Fatal Cases of Influenza

The Cochrane group studied hundreds of thousands of cases and the results showed that the flu shot didn’t protect against pneumonia or death caused by influenza. We’re sorry to say it, but the bad news doesn’t stop here…

5. The Right Vaccine

The nursing homes offered its seniors flu shots and by picking the right type of vaccine, only a third of them received some immunity in fighting the flu. Keep on reading to find out why they’re adding mercury into the vaccines that are putting your health at risk.

4. The Shots Contain Mercury – Toxic For the Brain

The worst thing is that small children are not protected by the flu through the vaccine. The dose of the vaccine contains mercury which is toxic to the brain, especially for a baby over six months of age! But is dealing with the side effects worth it?

3. Zero Effectiveness in Children Under 5

Studies show that the vaccine has ZERO effect in children younger than five years old! The mercury contained in the shot is an immune depressant that will lower immunity for weeks, increasing the risk for people to get the flu. Here are the side effects of mercury.

2. Mercury Causes Degenerative Disease, Increasing the Risks by Over 10 Times

‘Mercury overstimulates the brain for several years’, says Peter Doshi. It activates Alzheimer’s and other diseases that are degenerative. In a study, it was shown that the risk of Alzheimer’s can be increased by 10 times if people take the vaccine for 3-5 years.

1. It’s All About Money

Dr. Blaylock agrees with Doshi and adds that ‘Vaccinations are a pharmaceutical company’s dream’. The vaccinations are protected, and the companies cannot be sued if the shots cause complications. Taking the flu shot is not a benefit, it’s more of a risk of suffering various side effects.