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South Korea appeals to China to rein in North over nuclear tests

South Korea’s Defense Ministry couldn’t immediately confirm the report.

It is the latest incident fuelling tensions stemming from Pyongyang’s fourth nuclear test last week.

North Koreans react as they watch a news broadcast on a video screen outside Pyongyang Railway Station in Pyongyang, North Korea, Wednesday, Jan. 6, 2016. The shots did not hit the drone.

South Korea fired 20 rounds from a machine gun as a warning to North Korea’s drone – just a week after King Jong-un’s state tested a hydrogen bomb and he issued a chilling statement claiming “they were are the brink of war”. Those drones were crude and decidedly low-tech, but were still considered a potential new security threat.

Why would North Korea fake a nuclear test? Building up its response to the South’s activation last Friday of propaganda-blaring loudspeakers on the border, the North also sent leaflets, carried by balloons, into the South on Wednesday.

South Korean police found thousands of propaganda leaflets at 8 Seoul Forest, in the eastern part of the capital, and in Uijeongbu to the north of Seoul.

There is widespread skepticism over the H-bomb claim, but whatever the North detonated underground will likely push the country closer toward a fully functional nuclear arsenal, which it still is not thought to have.

North Korea’s nuclear test is an unacceptable challenge to peace and security in Northeast Asia and the world”, Park said during her address, according to Yonhap, adding that China needs to play a “necessary role” in implementing strong sanctions against Pyongyang.

Seoul last week said Pyongyang should “pay the price” for violating UN Security Council resolutions banning all nuclear weapons development in North Korea. As for the recent settlement with Tokyo on Japan’s wartime sexual slavery, she said the agreement meets the three conditions the victims were demanding: having Tokyo acknowledge its responsibility, a formal apology from the Japanese government and financial compensation from the Japanese government. (Korean-subtitle) “The best partners hold each other’s hand in hard times”. But there have been signs that Beijing is getting increasingly frustrated at the North’s repeated provocations. His reported remarks sparked speculation in Seoul that China has no intention of joining in any harsh punishment on the North.

On January 8, South Korea resumed operating its propaganda broadcasting loudspeakers situated near the demilitarized zone against Pyongyang.

“In that society, I was happy and felt like we had become more militarily powerful”, said Oh, who is now 18 and fled to South Korea in July 2013, five months after the test.

It was spotted around 29 miles north of Seoul, near South Korea’s Mount Dora Observation Post.

South Korea’s military said on Saturday North Korea appeared to have modified the video and edited it with Scud missile footage from 2014 although an official told Reuters the ejection technology might have improved since the May test. Such leafleting by the North is, however, still rare.

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