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UN pledges to pursue new sanctions against North Korea

News of the test was announced via state-owned Korean Central Television, which reports that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un personally ordered the test in December and gave final approval over the weekend.

The White House says initial analysis of the test isn’t consistent with North Korea’s claim that it had conducted a hydrogen bomb test.

Chinoy, the U.S.-China Institute fellow, pointed out that three of North Korea’s four nuclear tests – in 2009, 2013 and now – have taken place during the tenure of U.S. President Barack Obama, who’s made progress on curtailing Iran’s atomic aspirations but not North Korea’s. But U.S. officials were still on the back foot when the Bomb went off.

ATOMIC BOMBS-The first nuclear weapons, developed during World War II, atomic bombs, or fission weapons, use a process by which neutrons collide with an atom’s nucleus and release energy with explosive force.

In North Korea, the news was deemed vital enough to warrant bringing veteran news announcer Ri Chun-hee, famed for her proud and powerful delivery, out of retirement. Ban demanded that Pyongyang cease any further nuclear activities.

“The talks can and should be renewed with the near-term goal of achieving a pause in long-range missile tests and a pause in the expansion of fissile material production”, he said.

North Korea’s announcement has been met with widespread worldwide skepticism.

In previous such tests, Pyongyang had notified China, Russia and the United States beforehand, they said.

“North Korea’s continued violations of its worldwide obligations pose a grave threat to global peace and security, and particularly to the stability of the region”, he added. If the claims are confirmed, it would mark a major upgrade in North Korea’s nuclear capability. “China is clearly frustrated with North Korea’s behaviour”.

China is our second-largest trading partner and a country on China’s borders is doing really destabilizing and unsettling things, so we should pay attention to that”. “What happens under President Obama and Secretary Clinton?”

“If there’s no invasion on our sovereignty we will not use nuclear weapon”, the North Korean state news agency said.

Republican candidate Donald Trump said the onus was on China to solve what he called the North Korean “problem”, and if it did not, the United States “should make trade very hard for China“. Seismic monitors around the globe began reporting evidence of a possible nuclear detonation minutes after the test. And NBC News reported the USA military also launched drones over North Korea to collect air samples. “It means we are dealing with a much more unpredictable leader”. To build a credible nuclear programme, the North must explode new devices – and more advanced ones – so its scientists can continually improve their designs and technology. “As Iran prepares to gain billions in sanctions relief, North Korea surely thinks it can intimidate the Obama administration into the same”, he said.

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