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Obama’s Action On Gun Control Would Change Little In Oregon, Washington

“So I ask you, is that fair?” said Laws. “Time and time again this president has shown a blatant disregard for our nation’s Constitution and unfortunately these latest actions are no different”.

AMY GOODMAN: President Obama has laid out his plans to take executive action in an attempt to cut gun violence.

“Our right to peaceful assembly — that right was robbed from moviegoers in Aurora and Lafayette. They’ll say sale, don’t sell or wait, so it’s going to overload the system”, said White.

Inhofe said, “The big thing is defining a dealer as someone, and I’ve heard the figure of two – if you make two gun sales a year you are a dealer – well I make more than that”.

“Far too many people right now who are hearing these words are grieving the lost of a love one through gun violence”, Barden said.

Cliff Sullivan is a promoter of a local gun show.

“When you live by the pen, you die by the pen and my pen has got an eraser”, he said.

In addition to that request, Obama called for an addition of 250 Federal Bureau of Investigation agents to process background checks around the clock, and $500 million to go toward improving access to mental health care. This closes the gun show loophole which previously existed which also allowed sellers to not have to keep formal sales records.

Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders released a statement following the president’s announcement expressing his support.

His executive actions, without Congress’ approval, widen background checks on potential gun buyers, the BBC reported.

One of the most powerful leaders in the union world heaped praise Tuesday upon President Barack Obama for his unilateral action on gun-control, despite the fact the policy is completely unrelated to workplace issues. The president said that mass shootings such as the massacre in Newtown, the Sandy Hook Elementary school and daily shootings in Chicago, need to be prevented immediately. He explains what one gun seller told him, “every weekend I’m going to some sort of gun show somewhere in the United States to try to get as much money made as we can before they try to shut it down”.

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