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Kuwait recalls envoy from Iran over Saudi row

Bahrain and other Gulf states have been quick to back the Saudis, as has a Sunni majority state as far away as Sudan.

“This responsibility has been given to us, and we have been active from the early moments to lessen tensions to prevent a disaster from happening that could affect the entire region”, said Jafari, speaking in Tehran at a news conference with Iran’s foreign minister, Mohammad Javad Zarif.

Saudi Arabia is leading a military intervention in Yemen against the Houthis – Shia rebels who it says are backed by Iran.

“There are rising stockpiles and the tension between Iran and Saudi Arabia makes any deal on production unlikely”, said Michael Hewson, head of strategy at CMC Markets.

Regional powerhouse Turkey also expressed alarm at the crisis Tuesday, with Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu saying: “We expect all countries in the region to show common sense and take steps aimed at easing the tensions in the region”.

UN Secretary-general Ban Ki-moon has also been in touch with Saudi and Iranian leaders to urge calm, and the Security Council has condemned the attack on Riyadh’s diplomatic missions. Zarif, meanwhile, blamed Saudi Arabia for exacerbating the situation. “The process of provoking tension must be stopped”. 5, 2016, President Hassan Rouhani said Saudi Arabias move to sever ties with his country couldnt “cover its crime” of executing Shiite cleric Nimr al-Nimr.

Iran has disowned the attack on the Saudi Arabian embassy, Reuters reports and has suggested that foreigners may have been responsible.

Saudi Arabia’s ambassador to the United Nations had turned down an apology from Tehran, presented to the UNSC on the matter.

Khartoum had preceded the emergency meeting by declaring its solidarity with the Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia.It also followed the footsteps of Saudi Arabia and severed diplomatic relations with Tehran.

Saudi diplomats in Iran returned to the kingdom on Tuesday, Saudi media reported. It has faced low-level unrest since 2011 Arab Spring-inspired protests by Shiites seeking more political rights.

Iranian officials criticized the embassy attack and police arrested several individuals involved, but the Saudi foreign ministry announced on Sunday it was cutting diplomatic ties with the Islamic Republic following the angry protests in Iran.

In particular, the Saudi embassy in the capital Tehran and the consulate in the city of Mashhad were attacked, after which Riyadh broke off diplomatic ties with Tehran on January 3.

A spokeswoman for Cameron would not confirm that a trip to Saudi Arabia had been planned or delayed due to Nimr’s execution.

Thousands of Shiites rallied in central Baghdad on Wednesday chanting slogans against the Saudi ruling family. It’s not clear whether al-Nimr was beheaded with a sword, though Saudis routinely use that form of execution.

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