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Jeremy Corbyn holds talks with shadow cabinet members on reshuffle

He pointed out that the Syria decision was a free vote among Labour MPs and Mr Benn should not pay the price for his views – particularly as Mr Corbyn had a long history of disagreement with Labour leaders.

Livingstone: It would be better to move Hilary Benn to something where he is in agreement with Jeremy Corbyn, rather then where he’s in disagreement.

The shadow defence secretary fundamentally disagrees with Mr Corbyn’s position on Syria and Trident, making her vulnerable in any reshuffle.

The shadow culture secretary, Michael Dugher, one of those believed to be at risk in the impending reorganisation, told BBC Radio 5 Live’s Pienaar’s Politics programme on Sunday that previous Labour leaders with whom he had worked closely had been reluctant to “go down the path of big reshuffles”.

Labour’s elected deputy leader Tom Watson led a chorus of senior figures bemoaning the “loss” of Mr Dugher, a close ally of former prime minister Gordon Brown, from the shadow cabinet.

She could replace Mr Benn. But it now appears more likely that Benn will stay while Eagle could get another shadow cabinet brief.

However, a number of shadow cabinet ministers came out publicly in support of Dugher, saying he was a strong campaigner for Labour among working class voters in the north.

As the reshuffle talks began Mr Corbyn moved journalists away from his office telling them: “Excuse me guys do you mind not hanging around outside my office door, could you all leave please”.

“I don’t think [sacking Michael Dugher] will make Labour’s chances of winning [in 2020] any greater”, he said.

Emily Thornberry (shadow Employment minister): Corbyn brought his fellow Islington MP back to the front bench after she resigned over a “snobby” picture she posted of a house bedecked with England flags.

But Mr Howells speculated that Labour had been controlled by “lunatics” since Ed Miliband’s time as leader.

This followed a similar situation when Corbyn assumed the Labour leadership in September of past year.

He told the BBC: “I have been an MP for eight months and I’m already on the shadow frontbench”.

Khan was one of just 35 MPs who nominated Corbyn for the Labour leadership, so has found himself within the uncommon position of having political capital with Corbyn’s supporters while promoting policies in that lots of them would disagree with.

‘Ultimately that will be a decision for Jeremy’.

Jeremy Corbyn could swap Hilary Benn and Andy Burnham in his shadow cabinet in a bid to sooth tensions within while still unifying the party’s message on foreign affairs, it was reported today.

“These are superannuated Trotskyite oppositionists, they are not real politicians and I’m afraid it’s a disaster as far as I’m concerned”.

“London is one of the leading global commercial cities in the world, so I ask the question ‘Do you want as Mayor of London… someone who has never had a proper job, someone whose only job was one given you by your uncle to run his niche magazine?'”

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