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Kuwait recalls envoy to Iran after attacks on Saudi missions

He was tortured to the point of death, and then beheaded. In 2011, a woman was beheaded for “sorcery”, and others have been executed for the same supposed crime. A muezzin was killed at one of the mosques.

The hashtag, which was created by Shia Lebanese journalist Nadim Qutaish, aimed to highlight the growing sense of unity among Sunnis and Shia in the region. “Divine revenge will seize Saudi politicians”.

By Sunday, Saudi Arabia cut all diplomatic relations with Iran, and gave Iranian diplomats 48 hours to leave the kingdom. “We will be cutting off all commercial relations with Iran and we will have a travel ban against people traveling to Iran”, said Saudi Foreign Minister Abel Al-Jubeir. That makes for a bit of betwixt and between for Turkey in regards to the war in Syria, where, especially early on, there was concern they were not doing enough to combat ISIS, who are Sunni. “Political expediency always comes first”. In Iraq, neighbouring Sunni regimes backed Sunni militants, while Iran supported the new government and Shi’ite militias.

But Nimr he was not a peaceful activist in the style of Gandhi or Martin Luther King Jr., according to the British writer Robert Lacey, author of The Kingdom, who attended news conferences in 2007 by him and a rival Shiite leader, Sheikh Hassan al-Saffar.

The BBC created a simple to understand article on the topic; “Sunnis and Shia: Islam’s Ancient Schism“. Riyadh’s current enemy is Iran, but its anxiety goes much deeper.

A separate, $11.25-billion Saudi purchase of four Lockheed Martin Corp surface warships, approved in October, also is expected to move forward on its years-long schedule, the sources said. He was contemptuous of the Al-Shayeb and Al-Saffar for playing the Saudi game, and called openly for the overthrow of the house of Saud.

The second was America’s rapprochement with Iran, particularly the negotiations toward signing a nuclear deal.

She suggested that Mr Cameron’s foreign policy focus and travels would be dominated by Europe over the coming weeks, telling a Westminster media briefing: “He has been clear that he wants to get on with securing the reforms we need to Britain’s relationship with the EU”.

Taken together, Saudi Arabia concluded America is no longer a country on which it can rely to protect its interests against Iran.

The violence was condemned by Rouhani, and Iran’s judiciary has said 50 people involved in the incidents, including ringleaders, have been arrested and will face legal action. This is opposed by Saudi Arabia and its Gulf allies.

And on Monday, the UN Security Council issued a strongly worded statement condemning the attack on the Saudi embassy – making no mention of the execution of the cleric.

“He spent some 15 years in exile, returning in the mid-’90s”. He was nevertheless a symbol of Shia defiance, and therefore of Iran. The mass-execution one of the largest in Saudi Arabia in decades. Victims have included Egyptian and Ethiopian Christians, Kurdish fighters, Syrian soldiers and a number of captured foreigners – among them, American journalists James Foley and Steven Sotloff, U.S. aid worker Peter Kassig, British aid workers David Haines and Alan Henning, and Japanese journalist Kenji Goto. The UK, France, China, the US, Russia and Germany called on Tehran and Riyadh to take firm steps to ease tensions and settle the row. Saudi Arabia, which viewed Iraq as a bulwark against Iranian influence, tried to destabilise the Shi’ite-led government in Baghdad. Already there are several proxy conflicts that will probably intensify.

The U.N. envoy for Syria says the tensions between Saudi Arabia and Iran “will not have any negative impact” on Syria peace talks set to begin later this month.

The Foreign Office defended not including Saudi Arabia, where 47 alleged terrorists were executed at the weekend, on a list of priority countries where it would encourage the abolition of the death penalty.

ANZ bank said the tensions between Saudi Arabia and Iran will “reduce the likelihood of any collaboration between the two oil majors regarding oil output as Iran re-enters the global market once sanctions are lifted”. “Now I think it’s nearly impossible”. Because of this, his execution is seen as part of a rivalry.

Agree or not, Middle East is in a sectarian divide. While it is an increasingly costly debacle for the Saudi monarchy, to end the war without defeating the Houthis would be seen as a humiliating defeat.

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