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Camille Cosby seeks to delay deposition in Springfield suit

Lisa Bloom – trial attorney at the Bloom Firm, and legal analyst for Avvo, is representing Janice Dickinson who has accused Cosby of sexually assaulting her.

Bill Cosby’s lawyers filed an emergency motion Monday afternoon, hoping to delay his wife’s deposition while her appeal is heard.

“It would not serve (and in fact would offend) the “interest of justice” for this court to deny the motion for a stay, and thereby effectively deny Mrs. Cosby any right to appeal”, Hennessy wrote in his order.

U.S. Magistrate Judge David Hennessy also rejected arguments by Camille Cosby that she lacked any first-hand knowledge of the events at issue, and that the court should protect her from “unnecessary harassment” by limiting the scope of the subpoena.

The women claim Cosby allowed representatives to portray them as liars after they went public with their allegations against the entertainer. She filed court documents in that lawsuit on Wednesday, lambasting the fact that the lawyer wanted her to discuss her husband’s alleged infidelity and ask whether she had ever obtained sedatives on his behalf.

The move delays an earlier decision that Camille would be forced to testify in a defamation lawsuit filed by seven women who accuse the comedian of sexually assaulting them decades ago. Camille, her husband’s former business-manager, is anticipated to endure open questioning pertaining to Bill’s interactions with the opposite sex. Camille’s deposition had been scheduled for Wednesday.

Camille Cosby married the legendary comic and television star in 1964 at the age of 19.

The charges stem from a 2004 incident in which he allegedly drugged Andrea Constand, then director of the Temple University women’s basketball team, before sexually assaulting her while she was “frozen, paralysed and unable to move”.

“He is a kind man … and a wonderful husband, father and friend”.

This was the scene Thursday in Elkins Park, Pennsylvania as Cosby arrived at the courthouse to be arraigned on felony sexual assault charges.

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