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Bill Cosby’s Wife Camille Ordered To Testify In Civil Court

The plaintiffs – Barbara Bowman, Tamara Green, Angela Leslie, Louisa Moritz, Therese Serignese, Joan Tarshis and Linda Traitz – each allege they were “drugged and/or sexually assaulted” by Bill Cosby. Camille Cosby will now have to testify in a defamation suit brought against her husband.

After publicly posting her immediate cancelation of her social media account, the online activity continued and posted the below images, taking down the shamed comedian and alleged rapist, while even going so far as to compare Cosby to “the devil himself”.

Constand said in 2005 that after she and Cosby became friends he invited her to his home in Pennsylvania, where he made multiple sexual advances over time.

“The man you admired, Dr. Huxtable, was a scripted, imaginary character”.

And now, reports claim Camille that although she has fiercely defended her husband in the past she is now “angry” at what he has put her through. Although Camille’s lawyer argued that the things she discussed with Bill should be considered private conversations and “privileged”, that notion was struck down.

But as the list of alleged victims swelled to more than 50, Camille “was sickened”, another family source said.

The civil case was filed by seven women who claim Cosby defamed them. Cosby, who denies wrongdoing, has countersued the women, saying their accusations damaged his reputation, further accusing them of making false allegations for financial gain.

Bill Cosby’s wife, Camille, will be forced to testify against her husband in a civil defamation case.

In his 12-page decision, Hennessey said Camille Cosby failed to prove that she and her husband were protected by the state’s marital disqualification law.

Cosby (left) was charged with aggravated indecent assault.

Cosby is free on $1 million bail pending trial.

On Thursday December 31, Cosby posted his first tweet in months, expressing gratitude to supporters.

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