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Southland congresswoman welcomes Japan-South Korea agreement

“Instead of emulating Korea for its principled stance against Japan’s militarism, President Aquino chose to open up Philippine territory to the invasion of Japanese military through the proposed PH-Japan Visiting Forces Agreement“.

“Comfort women” is the phrase used for, what some say, were up to 200,000 women from various, mainly Asian, countries forced into sex slavery for the Japanese military, according to the Washington Coalition for Comfort Women Issues, Inc.

Lin said Taipei and Tokyo have established a communication platform to discuss the thorny issue of women forced into prostitution during World War II.

Foreign Minister Yun Byung-se stepped up efforts Thursday to appease critics of a recent deal between South Korea and Japan on wartime sex slaves. The government must persuade those victims of the virtues of the agreement and draw public understanding and support, a tough challenge for President Park Geun-hye and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, the orchestrators of the deal.

Among 238 women registered with the South Korean government as victims of sexual slavery, 192 have died, leaving 46 registered victims still alive.

South Korean officials also encountered anger and outrage from some “comfort women” they met with Tuesday to explain and defend the agreement.

“It is also a pity that Japan’s settlement with South Korea over the contentious issue is more of a political choice made under pressure from the United States rather than a decision from an awakened conscience”, wrote the Xinhua editorial.

Japan’s fund to help women forced into its wartime military brothels will be contingent on removal of the statue, a Japanese government source said in Tokyo Wednesday, Kyodo reports.

A front-page commentary in the overseas edition of the People’s Daily, the newspaper of the ruling Communist Party, said the “comfort women” issue formed one part of the history of Japanese aggression.

Presidential Spokesman Jeong Yeon-guk, said the agreement “was reached in accordance with the firm principle that victims’ honour should be restored”.

South Korea never agreed to relocate the statue and the terms of the deal apply to both sides, the ministry said in a post.

He has invited former comfort women to the presidential office a few times.

Japan has long maintained that its disputes with South Korea were fully settled in a 1965 agreement which saw the two countries normalize diplomatic ties and Tokyo make a payment of $800 million.

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