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Hong Kong unsettled by case of 5 missing booksellers

“There was one specifically on the party disciplinary system which they did not publish”. We should give time to the Police to conduct their investigation. “And here, we are asking for worldwide Anonymous to support”, it said.

Late Monday, police issued a statement saying the missing person’s report involving Lee had been withdrawn, but that police would continue to investigate. He vanished weeks after his four associates went missing under similar circumstances.

Lee’s wife Sophie Choi told the paper that she had started looking for Lee when he didn’t come home Wednesday night around 7pm.

An opinion piece published in the Global Times newspaper, a state-run tabloid, said it was meaningless to engage in political speculation about their disappearance.

Democratic Party Legislator Albert Ho (何俊仁) said the territory was “shocked and appalled” by the disappearance of Lee Bo (李波).

It’s not uncommon in mainland China for company executives and dissidents to be detained for lengthy periods by the authorities or vanish without anyone claiming responsibility, but the disappearances are unprecedented in Hong Kong and have shocked the city’s publishing industry.

“Anyone who thinks they have information that may lead to a better understanding of the whereabouts and the reasons why they seem to be missing from Hong Kong would be welcome to provide such information to the Hong Kong government authorities”, he said.

Lee also made it clear mainland police should not be operating on their own in Hong Kong. “Only legal enforcement agencies in Hong Kong have the legal authority to enforce laws in Hong Kong….” This is due to Hong Kong’s status as a specially administered region of China. Suggestions that there has been a shift from the One Country, Two Systems policy and that China wants to put Hong Kong under its control are “without foundation”, the paper wrote in an editorial.

“If this incident is proven true, then this certainly will be a rather alarming signal, and this will certainly generate an even stronger sense of self-censorship on the part of the journalist community in Hong Kong”.

Demonstrators taped pictures of the missing men to the walls of the Beijing liaison office and demanded answers.

Willy Wo-lap Lam, an adjunct professor at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, said the book was to have been entitled “The Lovers of Xi Jinping” and would have covered the period when Xi held various official posts in Fujian province between 1985 and 2002, including after his marriage to well-known People’s Liberation Army singer Peng Liyuan in 1987.

The five work for a publishing house known for producing books critical of the Chinese government. He was there to deliver books to a customer. After Mr Lee’s disappearance, this may no longer stand true.

The company’s co-owner, Gui Minhai, is also among those missing, the other three being staff members.

Police confirmed on Friday (January 1) that a missing persons report has been filed on the case. “He said he was assisting in an investigation“, she said. He said he was assisting in an investigation.

“It’s bad news, I have to say”.

The Chinese foreign ministry in Beijing said it had no information on the case. Lee called his wife again soon to notice her that “you may already know what’s going on” and “don’t make the news public”. As I have told the media yesterday, the Police have finished examining the CCTV around the location where he was last seen.

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