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Gadgets Get Smarter, Friendlier At CES Show

“The year of virtual reality” was a phrase heavily attached to 2015, but in fact it is 2016 where the real steps forward will begin to appear.

Wearable gadgets may also be a staple of CES 2016, and reports from the likes of Engadget have gone into detail regarding the wearables we may be seeing in Las Vegas next week. What’s different this year, however, is that the focus is likely to be on software that can improve smartwatches’ capabilities, according to Forrester Research. We’ll see smart thermostats, charging solutions for mobile and IoT products, smart glasses, and home monitors. In addition, there will be smarter TVs.

There will a lot happenings in automobiles, wearables, home offerings, and eCommerce. The demos themselves are always good fun too, as the manufacturers attempt to out-do each other with their flight skills. Here’s the abridged version of what you’ll see and what we will be focusing on while we’re there.

As you may have noticed: we here at NewsWatch keep up with all of the latest, greatest, weirdest, and coolest tech trends at all times. Headed into the show, analysts have said that they are hearing exhibitors talk more about the interoperability, security and privacy of the Internet of Things. With a big year in tech ahead, what could CES bring?

During CES 2016, we will most likely see some new 4K TV models that will offer many fancy visual things.

From smarter televisions to fridges to homes, expect more and more devices to get connected, for better or for worse.

Though many of these displays are either prototypes or concepts, LG’s display arm is responsible for most of the world’s LCD panels and displays. The event started in 1967, and in the last decade or so, has become one of the most important events on the tech calendar. That’s just a taste, though. To accumulate 150,000 attendees, CES this year will expand up to 2.4 million square feet space. Faraday Future apparently has a huge announcement on this front, so we’ll keep a particularly close on that firm. CES 2016 kicks off next week in Las Vegas, and InformationWeek will be on-site to see which trends are in the spotlight.

The biggest electronics event is back once again and here are some things you might want to look forward to.

PlayStation VR – Sony has its own press conference on Tuesday in which it is expected to reveal more about its PlayStation VR headset for the PS4 – pricing and a release date would be nice. The event is attended by over a 100,000 people every year, and the CES 2016 is expected to be bigger than ever before. We haven’t had a chance to put that on our heads yet, so we hope to have a chance to see how it stacks up during the show.

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