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First photos of sunken cargo ship released, lost in Hurricane Joaquin

The National Transportation Safety Board released new video and photos of the wreckage of sunken cargo ship El Faro and it shows a haunting story about what likely happened before the ship went under water for good.

El Faro was en route to San Juan, Puerto Rico on a weekly cargo run when it encountered former-Hurricane Joaquin back in October.

The images showing the vessel at its final resting place northeast of the Bahamas were released on Sunday.

The ROV did not find any remains of the crew members.

Roth-Roffy says crews did locate one of the missing decks about a half-mile away from the main ship.

“If the pressure of the water against the hull as it’s plunging through 15,000 feet of water was enough to shear the entire upper bridge deck off, my guess is that the VDR got sheared off much earlier than that”, Sullivan said.

Also on Sunday night, the NTSB announced that it was opening the accident docket and provided nine underwater images of the wreckage as well as more than 47 minutes of the remotely operated underwater vehicle, or ROV, video of the ship and associated debris field. He said it may take up to a year to answer all the questions surrounding the sinking of the El Faro.

The data recorder has not been found. The images they recorded disturbed Roth-Roffy.

While recovering a small piece of equipment at such depth is hard, there is precedent.

Crews also retrieved the black box of a South African Airways airplane that crashed into the Indian Ocean in 1987 in more than 15,000 feet of water.

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