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Belgium: 10th Suspect Arrested In Paris Attacks Probe

Police suspect most if not all of the men had contact with Salah Abdeslam, who was one of the terrorists responsible for the attacks in Paris last month.

The suspect, Ayoub Bazzarouj, a 22-year-old Belgian citizen, was arrested after the search of a house in the Molenbeek section of Brussels on Wednesday, officials said.

Turkey is also on high alert after police arrested two people with alleged Islamic State group ties on suspicion of planning a bombing attack in Ankara on New Year’s Eve.

Two female police officers and eight Belgian soldiers are said to have engaged in group sex at the police station near Molenbeek, where anti-terror raids were taking place, the Guardian reports.

The Federal Prosecutor’s Office said Thursday the police searches were executed in the morning in various Brussels-area locations.

The New Year’s Eve fireworks display and all official events are being canceled in Belgium’s capital due to threats of an extremist attack.

Little is known about the six new suspects, but their arrest only hours after a tenth terror suspect was charged with “terrorist murder“, reveals the willingness of Belgian authorities to get to the bottom of the investigation into the Paris terror attacks.

Brussels has been on high alert since it emerged that several of the attackers involved in the Paris carnage on November 13 had links to the city of 1.2 million people.

Some Belgian media say the group harbours Islamic State sympathisers and that the search for other group members had led Brussels to cancel Thursday night´s planned firework display.

This latest arrest happens amid heightened fears of potential New Year’s Eve terror attacks.

Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel, appearing on RTBF, the Belgian national broadcaster, said the celebration was cancelled in light of the terror threat.

Bazarouj’s other brother, Youssef Bazarouj, is accused of being one of the shooters in the Paris attacks, Le Soir reported.

Australia’s biggest city, Sydney, traditionally the first to host a major event to ring in the New Year, welcomed 2016 with spectacular midnight fireworks as crowds thronged to harbourside vantage points.

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