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Jeb Bush Blames Obama for Trump’s Rise

The campaign, which he launched in June, is facing fresh assaults.

Muslim press, especially anti American media are enthusiastically promoting Hillary Clinton and throwing black balls on the Republicans, particularly Donald Trump. I actually think Donald Trump is really an embodiment of blue-collar frustration with what are really a bipartisan elite consensus on a number of issues that Republicans and Democrats in Washington agree on. He said he has faith in his Iowa team, including Chuck Laudner, who ran former Pennsylvania Sen. This number is important because Clinton has universal name recognition and falling short of 50 percent this early suggests the public basically prefers someone else.

If anyone asks me, how and why am I claiming Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton to be darlings of Islamists and Jihadists, I can firmly say.

Mahoney isn’t the only voter who remains undecided.

Bush has spoken frequently about his faith in advertising, but the ads have had little impact as he continues to languish in the polls. Yes, they’re scared, and the job of a president – or a candidate, for that matter – isn’t to scare them more.

Bush said there’s no meat behind Trump’s controversial pronouncements. But I don’t see how he would win the presidency.

Mr. Krauthammer said, “The obvious political victor in the United States this year is Donald Trump”. “I like Mr. Trump, I worked for him for a long time, and consider myself close to him”. And then finally, the legacy will hang on who wins the election. Trump’s supporters are less educated and thus less likely to go to the polls. One woman, who said she was born and raised in Iowa, was completely unaware of what the caucus process in general looked like.

“She’s not going to win”, Trump stated. Instead of retail politicking in Pizza Ranches and gas stations, the Republican front-runner has relied on reaching voters at large rallies.

A lot will happen in the next month as voting day draws near.

Thirty-two percent of likely GOP voters surveyed said they would vote for Trump. It’s a financial development he credited to not needing campaign ads up to this point. He mocked President Barack Obama for flying to Hawaii on vacation aboard fuel-burning Air Force One.

Todd Matheson of Council Bluffs said he’s been contacted by the campaign via Facebook. “I want to use hairspray”.

“They’re bringing drugs”, Trump said during his announcement.

But more importantly, the continued dominance of either Trump or Cruz guarantees that the party will be pushed into more destructive rhetoric on immigration, trade and the war against the Islamic State group.

“[Obama’s] got this notion of what blue-collared, white voters kind of think that’s so out of touch”, he said. Ted Cruz is surging on the backing of the state’s robust evangelical conservative voting bloc.

In this bit of the interview, Bush aims to link Trump with Obama – which, if it were to work, is one of the most toxic things one Republican can do to another during a primary fight.

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