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Syrian Foreign Minister To Visit China This Week

China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi, right, speaks at a press briefing with Syria’s Foreign Min …

The announcement of assistance came after talks between Wang and his Syrian counterpart Walid al-Moallem, who will stay in China through Saturday.

According to Muallem, the Syrian government expects to receive the lists of opposition representatives at talks in Geneva.

China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi had indicated the move at the UNSC meet over the weekend, and these comments were reiterated by the Chinese Foreign Ministry on Monday.

Syria is ready to participate in peace talks in Geneva aimed at ending its brutal civil war, the country’s foreign minister said Thursday during an official visit to China. Colleen Wang, a journalist from Phoenix Weekly, a Hong Kong magazine, believes these most recent diplomatic meetings could signal a change in the Chinese foreign policy in the Middle East. “In the past, for one thing, China had little political ambition in these areas, which is quite different from other major powers, such as the U.S. and Russian Federation”.

China’s role on the Syrian issue is to promote peace and negotiations …” The U.N. plans to convene talks in Geneva in January.

“The most important agreement that we made is that we need to adhere to three principles when settling the crisis in Syria”, he said.

“He (Wang) announced that China will invite the representatives of the Syrian government and the opposition to visit China for assisting the political process on settling the crisis in Syria”, Hong said.

Bouthaina Shaaban on Wednesday said her government approved of United Nations resolutions passed last week endorsing an worldwide road map for a Syria peace process, a rare display of unity among global powers on a conflict that has killed more than 250,000 people.

Islamic State is the strongest insurgent force in Syria and Assad has said that ousting him would clear the way for Islamist militants to take over the country and endanger the wider world.

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