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Here’s What the India-Russia Bilateral Agreements Outline

Putin for his part called Russia’s ties with India a “privileged strategic partnership”, praising the two nations’ energy and defence cooperation.

In a statement, Reliance Defense said that “the two sides identified the air defense missile systems… radars and automated control systems as areas of partnership”.

Modi is seeking to expand the country’s nuclear energy use to meet the rising energy needs of the coal-dependent nation amid global warming risks, with a program for at least 12 new reactors.

We are one in our belief that the world must unite and take concerted action on combating terrorism, without distinction and discrimination between terrorist groups and target countries.

An early political settlement through dialogue in West Asia is necessary to fight terror outfits.

Russian daily Kommersant this week said Putin’s one-on-one talks with Modi would likely be the defining moment for the deal as the two seek to resolve price disagreements. “These would boost defence manufacturing in India and India’s defence readiness with next generation equipment”, Mr. Modi said. According to Modi, he chaired a meeting of the Cabinet Committee on Security on Tuesday and the committee cleared two major deals that are scheduled to be signed with Moscow during his trip.

After the Prime Minister stepped onto the tarmac, a Russian official made a gesture with his hand which appeared Modi misinterpreted and started walking.

The NCMC is a multi level coordination centre created to provide inter-agency coordination, and alerting people about the threat of emergency situations.

“We do things with Russian Federation and Russia does things with us which we don’t do with any other country”, Indian Foreign Secretary Subrahmanyam Jaishankar told reporters this week.

Putin highlighted the countries’ active interparliamentary and intergovernmental commission work, and emphasized the importance of addressing issues that require special attention in light of a complicated economic climate. The Kabul visit has not been officially announced but Modi was expected to make a stop-over in Kabul on his way back home.

Russia is ready to turn on the green light for the restart of the relationship“, Likhachev said at the opening of the meeting with representatives of Russian and Indian businesses on Thursday.

Ahead of Thursday’s talks, Modi laid a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier located by the Kremlin wall in the Alexandrovsky Garden.

The prime minister’s itinerary includes a visit to Russia’s National Crisis Management Centre (NCMC) in Moscow on Thursday.

PM Modi is now attending the “Friends of India” event in Moscow were he will address the Indian diaspora. The Kremlin leader also hosted a private dinner for the Indian premier.

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