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French investigators arrest two terror suspects

French police claim to have thwarted another terrorist attack, this time in the city of Orleans.

The suspects, from Morocco and Togo, may have been conspiring with another man thought to be living in Syria, with whom they were allegedly in contact, according to reports in French media.

Investigators think the suspects had raised money for the plot and were searching for weapons.

“The investigation will determine whether or not this man was the ringleader of this foiled attack”, Cazeneuve said referring to the man in Syria the men communicated with.

One of the detainees confessed they had meant to attack police officers, military personnel and anyone identified with the French state, Mr Cazeneuve said.

The Minister said that the 20-year-old didn’t have a criminal record, while the 24-year-old was known to the police for committing acts of delinquency. He also said that 3,414 people have been turned away from Frances borders since a state of emergency was declared after last months Paris attacks.

France’s interior minister says the government will tighten security for churches around Christmas, amid continued concerns about potential extremist violence after deadly attacks last month.

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