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Le Pen: Trump Too Far Right Even for Me

During the first round of the regional election in France, on December 6, the nationalist-populist party National Front (FN) obtained 28 percent of the vote and has become the top party in six out of 13 regions in the country. If the results are confirmed in the second round this Sunday, the Front National (FN) could preside over three of France’s biggest regions.

Marechal-Le Pen – who is more conservative than her aunt, FN leader Marine Le Pen – has said she would scrap aid to family-planning organizations.

Marine Le Pen, 47, has worked to scrub away the stigma from a party that for decades has been a political pariah.

Currently, former President Nicolas Sarkozy has the best odds of winning, followed by Marine Le Pen, with Manuel Valls in third place. This is why voter participation rates under 50 percent – quite typical in Europe these days – do not quite reflect the lay of the political land in France.

“For the citizen who vents his anger, a vote for the National Front is a “useful” vote”, Alexis Brezet wrote in a Le Figaro editorial.

The stakes in Sunday’s vote for leadership councils in 13 French regions are high.

FN has been on the rise since Le Pen took over the party from her father in 2011. The voting results in Paris itself suggest that people who have had their neighbors shot by terrorists do not believe that keeping out immigrants or cracking down on Muslims – the National Front’s stock-in-trade – will fix the terror problem. Le Pen heads a powerful far-right group in the European Parliament. No other party was able to tackle the National Front on its own political turf. Again, the National Front pleaded its innocence, but French prosecutors are moving forward with the case.

Le Pen is a deft politician. Fears surrounding the so-called practice of social dumping bring together people bothered not only by globalization but also immigration and waves of refugees. In light of this all, the refugees that have been grabbing headlines for months in Europe provided great grist for Le Pen’s personal windmill.

BEARDSLEY: Don’t listen to the elites who want to take our democracy hostage, said Le Pen. “Whatever criticism may be addressed to Bashar Assad, his government is the real one and it protects the country from IS barbarity”. It is yet to be seen how well this protest-movement-turned-political-party can govern large territories, but nevertheless, the historic win at the polls prods observers to keep a close eye on Marine Le Pen and FN in the lead-up to the 2017 presidential elections.

“Don’t be afraid of these totalitarians”, she said.

The National Front’s connection to Russian Federation is more than just political. Current President Francois Hollande received more than 10 million votes in the first round of elections in 2012 and more than 18 million in the second round.

“The Republican front has no meaning because it has no content”, Green deputy Danielle Auroi confessed in an interview with L’Alsace in which she tried to distance her party from the austerity policies of its PS ally.

We have seen present day neo-Nazis in the United States fully support Trump. Amid European and USA sanctions over Russia’s invasion of Crimea, which have plunged the country into a painful economic recession, Putin is struggling to find allies and alleviate the threat of Western pressure towards Russian interests.

Party supporters – like Ludovic in the northern city of Lille – were jubilant.

Another idea of France was on show at a farm in northern France on Wednesday as Le Pen pitched her anti-European Union message.


Justifying his refusal to call for a “Republican front” with the PS against Le Pen, Sarkozy explained, “I am the leader of the opposition”.

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