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Five Detained In Belgium In Probe Of Paris Terrorist Attacks

BRUSSELS-Belgian police detained five people in connection with the terrorist attacks in Paris during raids Sunday evening and Monday morning, the federal prosecutor’s office said Monday.

The brothers and a third person were arrested during a raid on a central Brussels house, prosecutors said.

No explosives or weapons were found in either search, the statement said.

Authorities in Belgium have now released five people after questioning.

Brussels-native Salah Abdeslam, 26, who allegedly played a role in the Paris attacks and is believed to have fled to the Belgian capital following the carnage, remains on the loose and is the target of an global manhunt.

Another search was carried out yesterday in the Laeken area of Brussels, in the north of the city, where two more people were detained.

The Belgian prosecutor said that once more is known, an official statement will be issued later today.

5 people arrested (taken in to custody) on suspicion of involvement in Nov.’s Paris terror assaults have been let go by cops officers in Belgium, the Belgian federal prosecutor stated Monday.

AFP reported a source close to the investigation said Abdeslam made it through three police checks when friends drove him from Paris to Brussels shortly after the Paris attacks.

Brahim Abdeslam seemed no different from his peers in Molenbeek, one of Belgium’s poorest districts, where drug use is rife and numerous young men are unemployed.

Abaaoud, who investigators believe was the alleged ringleader of the Paris slaughter claimed by Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, was planning to target Charles de Gaulle airport when he was killed.

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