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Emmitt Smith comes to Steve Harvey’s aid

We witnessed that tonight when the wrong victor was initially announced.

Arevalo got her crown and a bouquet of flowers, but while she was relishing in her big moment, Harvey came back on stage and apologized for the mess up.

Failing that, Nieto thinks pageant officials should give Miss Colombia a more expanded role in the coming year.

Some journalists blamed Donald Trump, saying they could find no financial record confirming that he had indeed sold the rights to the pageant as he said he did in September. “It’d be very cool”, Trump said. Today is not a fun day to be Steve Harvey. Seemingly not knowing whether to be excited or prepared for a cruel joke, Miss Philippines took her place alongside the still crown-wearing Columbia.

In what became the most cringe-worthy moments in live television history, Harvey returned to the stage about a minute after announcing that Miss Colombia was the victor to make the correction.

“Ok., folks, uh, there’s…. The photos are there to prove it. To me, as a Colombian, she is still Miss Universe”, he said. And do you think that talk show might also remind people that he also hosts Family Feud? It was a bad error.

But some were convinced that Trump (even if he no longer owns the pageant) was still involved, somehow.

“I wasn’t sure what was going on”, she told ET.

After being crowned, the real victor didn’t know how she felt about being the new Miss Universe until later in the night.

Pageant organizers issued a statement in which they apologized to Miss Colombia and Miss Philippines, as well as their fans.

However, later in the Snapchat story, Harvey is seen talking to the press and takes the blame again: He says he should have said “runner-up” instead of “winner” when making the announcement. “Steve Harvey’s a terrific guy, and things like this do happen”, Trump added.

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