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4 people from missing boat found alive in Indonesia

At least three people drowned and 31 others were rescued as a passenger boat carrying over 100 people capsized off Sulawesi Island, official said.

Almost 80 people are still missing after a ferry ran into trouble in rough seas off the coast of Sulawesi in Indonesia.

Roki Asikin, heading the South Sulawesi rescue team, said the passenger boat was struck by waves over 10 feet high and eventually sprang a leak, the Independent reported.

When asked whether the boat had sunk, South Sulawesi police spokesman Frans Barung told Agence France-Presse: “Maybe yes, maybe no”.

Six saving boats happen to be despatched but are being hampered by bad weather.

Two Indonesian medical team members… with a survivor in Siwa.

As much as 122 people have been believed to have been on the vessel, the nation’s rescue & search agency stated Sun. Asikin said he expected them to arrive at the boat’s location in the very early hours of Sunday.

Siwa Port head Muhammad Ridwan said that the KMP Marina TB2 ferry was carrying 91 adults and sixteen children. “The team from our headquarters… all that we have, we are deploying there but we’re facing high waves”, he said.

There had been warnings about “extreme” weather in the area in the days leading up to the accident, Barata said. Boats are often overcrowded and safety regulations are poorly enforced.

The news came after Danish cargo ship Thorco Cloud collided with chemical tanker Stolt Commitment and sank off Indonesia’s Batam island, close to Singapore, late Wednesday.

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