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Nicki Minaj performs in Angola despite protests over president Jose Eduardo

The US star had been criticized by human rights groups for accepting a reported $2million (£1.3m) to jet into capital Luanda yesterday. The concert was reportedly promoted by a company part owned by President Jose Eduardo dos Santos.

Young Money’s Nicki Minaj needed more than a few handfuls of protesters to keep her from performing this weekend in Angola.

Concert organizers said they had sold 6,000 tickets for the concert, which was held in the 12,000-seat Coqueiros Stadium where she shared the stage with several local acts.

In a surprise television address, dos Santos, who has run the former Portuguese colony since 1979, said websites such as Facebook were useful for disseminating information but were being abused to publish “derogatory and morally offensive content”.

Nicki Minaj just gave a big F-U to all the human rights groups asking her to cancel a performance in Angola … stepping on stage Saturday and ignoring protestors. “This sustained crackdown on primary human rights in Angola has swept up activists, opposition members, reporters & even musicians.’ Angola marked 40 years of time of time of independence from Portugal last month, with dos Santos vowing to bring progress to the country, still judges accuse him of ruling via worry & repression. In 2013, pop superstar Mariah Carey was equally blamed for performing in front of the Angolan leader for a reported fee of $1 million”.

Halvorssen also highlighted the plight of Angolan hip-hop artist Luaty Beirao, who was arrested in June after attending a meeting that discussed democracy in the country.

Dos Santos, 73, has been accused of overseeing corruption, misrule and intimidation in a country that suffers endemic poverty despite being Africa’s second-largest oil producer.

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