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RAF fighter planes prepare to target IS leadership

It was the first time Typhoon jets flew missions over Syria.

Four Tornado jets launched the first air strikes on Thursday, hitting the Omar oil fields in eastern Syria.

MPs backed the¬†United Kingdom’ military action against IS in Syria, by 397 votes to 223, after a 10-hour Commons debate on Wednesday.

Across the border in Iraq, an unmanned RAF Reaper drone – flying close support for Kurdish peshmerga ground forces – destroyed an IS truck bomb with a direct hit from a Hellfire missile, the MoD said.

Addressing the media during a visit to RAF Akrotiri, the defence secretary, Michael Fallon, revealed that approximately 200 military personnel were involved in the action against Isis with the support of the people of Britain.

Mr Fallon said there were no reports of civilian casualties following the strikes.

The air strikes took place on Friday, 4 December, using two Tornado GR4 and two Typhoon FGR4 combat aircraft, based at RAF Akrotiri in Cyprus.

“It is not because of what we do but who we are that we face this death cult”.

The Ministry of Defence has confirmed the second round of strikes were launched against a Syrian oilfield by planes at British base RAF Akrotiri in Cyprus.

“They’ve been making a lot of money out of oil… and their revenue helps to finance their terrorism in Western Europe and is a threat to us in Britain”.

Michael Fallon, the Defence Secretary, said Isis derives “a huge part of its revenue” from oil sales, describing how Paveway guided bombs were being used to hit wellheads in an area where there was “simply infrastructure” and no civilians. “He states the fight against IS will not be “either short or simple”.

The Free Syrian Army opposition group has claimed Britain’s intervention is “just a few more jets” which “will not make a big difference”.

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