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Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Hopes to Legalize Marijuana Within a Year

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government used a broad brush to outline initial plans for implementing a massive volume of campaign promises that led to the Liberal majority win in the October federal election, but there were so few specific measures in the Speech from the Throne that the two main opposition party leaders would not declare whether they were ready to vote for, or against, a motion to support it.

“The times we live in demand nothing less”, Johnston said.

The speech made it clear that the government’s no. 1 priority for the economy was to strengthen the middle class, through a combination of tax cuts and spending on new programs. “The government will make real change happen”.

The throne speech will also touch on the Liberals’ promise to raise taxes on Canada’s biggest breadwinners while easing the burden on middle-income earners.

Next year Canada could become the first country in the G7 group of the world’s leading economies to legalize marijuana as the government announces its plans in a speech to parliament.

At a time when other nations are boosting their military campaign against Islamic State extremists, Ambrose questioned why Trudeau’s roadmap was silent on the threat that has other nations stepping up efforts to confront a global enemy.

“If they can’t even name the threat, how are they ready to deal with the threat?” she said.

Promises to enhance the Canada Pension Plan and the employment insurance system were reiterated Friday, as well as the government’s commitment to support veterans and develop a new health accord with the provinces and territories. The list includes a number of stars who were left out of the cabinet including Toronto MP Adam Vaughan, who becomes one of three parliamentary secretaries to the prime minister, and former Toronto police chief Bill Blair, who becomes parliamentary secretary to the justice minister. The government is also pledging not to use government ads for partisan purposes, nor will it interfere with the work of parliamentary officers or use prorogation or omnibus legislation to avoid public scrutiny.

“This minister has been very close to the issue”, he said.

“It’s courageous, and I think it’s long overdue”, Mulcair told reporters following the speech.

The Liberals also promised to “renew” Canada’s commitment to “United Nations peacekeeping operations, and will continue to work with its allies in the fight against terrorism”.

It will also launch an inquiry into missing and murdered Indigenous women, and will “work with First Nations so that every First Nations child receives a quality education”. And the people who are going to have to pay for the deficits are the future generations.

Infrastructure: The government is restating its pledge to “make significant new investments” in public transit, green infrastructure, and social infrastructure.

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