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China military paying ‘close attention’ to US plane deployment

Mike Billington, Asia editor for the Executive Intelligence Review, said that the mere deployment of the reconnaissance aircraft in the disputed South China Sea means that the preparing for World War 3.

US Defence Secretary Ash Carter and Singaporean Defence Minister Ng Eng Hen announced on Monday that the aircraft would stay in Singapore until December the 14th, Reuters reported.

Singapore is not a claimant, but officials in the city-state say it has an interest in the freedom of navigation because of its open, trade-dependent economy.

U.S. President Barack Obama appealed to countries from the region to stop the development of the artificial islands and urged all involved to abstain from militarizing their claims.

The statement said the P8 deployment in Singapore would “promote greater interoperability with regional militaries through participation in bilateral and multilateral exercises, while providing timely support for regional HADR (Humanitarian and Disaster Relief operations) and maritime security efforts”. The doubt intends to counterbalance China’s growing military presence in the region by increasing its own.

“Prolonged and unresolved South China Sea disputes will weaken strategic trust in the region”, Ng said, referring to the need for China and Southeast Asian nations to early conclude a code of conduct aimed at resolving the disputes peacefully based on a 2002 accord.



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