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Girl With Severe Burns Only Wants Cards for Christmas

Kevin Clark, an associate of a bike group who met with Safyre at a gain bikers held for her this autumn, reposted the image. In a matter of days, Safyre’s received fourteen cards throughout the country alone, from places like Florida, New Hampshire, and California.

There is also more information about the Christmas cards for Safyre on Facebook at this link. Liz recently bought a metal tree from a thrift store that’s used for displaying Christmas cards, and it seems to have really caught Safyre’s eye!

The little girl is “walking on air”, Dolder said.

Safyre Terry suffered burns to 75% of her body during the May 2013 fire in Schenectady. When Safyre told her about her Christmas wish, she spread the word to family and friends on Facebook, not expecting to get enough cards to fill the tree.

Dolder posted a message on Facebook over the weekend asking people to send Christmas cards for Safyre to hang on a card tree.

When asked how Safyre survived it all, Dolder said: “Prayers and her sheer will to survive”.

Eight-year-old Sa’fyre Terry of Schenectady, New York only wants one thing for Christmas, letters from you. She’s had her remaining family members and her local community rooting for her every step of the way, and now, this Christmas, they hope she’ll receive a little holiday cheer from all around the world, too. All over social media, where Safyre’s story has been posted, shared and tweeted, thousands of people who love sending joy to other people have pledged to mail her cards this holiday season.

Her aunt Liz said: ‘When she opens these cards, the twinkle in her eye and the sparkle in her smile are priceless’.

So far, cards have come in from Illinois, Kentucky, Connecticut, and even the North Pole. She lost a hand shortly after the fire and has since lost a foot.

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