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Panneerselvam Gives Kamal Hassan a Tonguelash Over Flood Relief

Tamil Nadu Finance Minister O Paneerselvam recently condemned actor Kamal Haasan for his reported comments about the government’s relief measures in Tamil Nadu post the rains and floods.

The finance minister recalled the actor’s threat to leave the state, as the government did not permit the release of his “Viswaroopam”.

In a press statement to the media, the actor has said that he didn’t give any interview to any website as reported, nor had he spoken about how the tax money he was paying the government was being spent. “In cinema, Kamal Haasan can show in a single scene or song flood damage being corrected but things are different in reality, and normalcy can be restored only step by step”.

“If he wants to know about natural disasters, he should once again watch his movie Anbe Sivam”, said the Minister.

Summary: In reply, Panneerselvam detailed the efforts taken by the government in the rescue, relief and rehabilitation of the persons affected by the rains. So far, around 55 lakh food packets have been distributed and over 23,000 medical camps held, he said.

Saying the government is being negligent, the Thoonga Vanam star stated, “The entire system has collapsed”. He further questions, where is all the taxpayer’s money going?

“His statement shows that he has become a puppet of people who eye political mileage in such a situation”, he said. “What is being done for me and my people with my hard-earned money?”

The actor maintained that if he had any such doubts, he would not have paid his taxes promptly all these years, while adding that he was mindful of his duties at all points of time. Asserting that the people are with the CM, Panneerselvam said, “We cannot tolerate Kamal Haasan’s gibberish”, he said.

Referring to the actor’s outburst at the height of the “Vishwaroopam” controversy where he threatened to leave the country in the face of strong protests from Muslim bodies, the minister sought to remind him that it was Ms. Jayalalithaa who helped solve the stand-off.



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